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Perfect Breeding Comprehensive Analysis: Tenth Week

The 10th week of pregnancy has entered the 10th week, and your fetus is now very like a little man. He or her is about 40 mm in length and weighs about 10 grams. Now he (she) is ready to grow and develop, and soon he will grow up quickly, which will surprise you.


Now the basic cell structure of the fetus has been formed, and all parts of the body have begun to take shape, including arms, legs, eyes, genitals, and other organs. However, these organs are still in the stage of development, and they are not fully developed.

Now your physical changes are still not great. The abdomen of pregnant women with a history of pregnancy production will be slightly prominent. Women who are pregnant for the first time still can’t see the changes in the abdomen. At this stage, your emotional changes will be very severe. Just now you still have a smile, and you will be unhappy in a blink of an eye. At this time, the mood of moody is normal emotional fluctuations, but you still have to adjust your mind and let yourself have a pleasant pregnancy.

The impact of emotions on the fetus has been mentioned in a few weeks, but now many pregnant women will still feel uneasy, because the physiological changes after pregnancy are too great, and the people around them will care about themselves, guessing, and so on. Stress, at this time, there is a stable and peaceful emotion. Because the mother and the fetus can communicate information through the chemical composition in the blood, Chinese medicine has the theory of “pregnancy borrowing mother qi, breathing that communicates with each other, and the anger is corresponding. Modern medical research also believes that the mothers’ emotions directly affect the changes in endocrine, and endocrine flows through the blood to the fetus. Your happiness and sadness will let the fetus enjoy with you. Do you? And when you are mood, the secretion of pulmonary hormones in the body will increase, and through the blood, it will affect the normal development of the fetus.

Immediately you will enter a period of benign development, maintain a happy mood, and make the fetus in the belly grow happily with you.

(Editor in charge: Zhao Yuanyuan Intern editor: Li Xuanying)

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