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Perfect Breeding Comprehensive Analysis: Twenty -four

There are about 500 grams of fetuses at 24 weeks. In addition to the development of hearing, the fetal respiratory system is also developing at this time. Although he (she) is constantly swallowing amniotic fluid, he usually has to wait until his birth.


Now you will feel awkward, and your body’s center of gravity moves forward. You may also find that the original recessed belly button starts to protrude out. It doesn’t matter. This is normal. After you give birth, it will naturally return to the original. Many pregnant women will also have bleeding gums during this period, which is common. This is because progesterone becomes swollen your gums. Even if you brush your teeth very light, you may cause bleeding. However, despite this, we still have to insist on brushing your teeth. In order to avoid more severe tooth decay, measures must be taken to prevent it. This is very important.

There are also some pregnant women with constipation at this time. Due to the increase in the uterus and compressing the surrounding blood vessels, it will lead to the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Pay attention to diet regulation and eat more intestinal foods, such as various coarse grains, vegetables, black sesame seeds , Banana, honey, etc. You should also pay attention to exercise appropriately to promote intestinal peristalsis, which is conducive to digestion.

At this time, the prospective dad, you should always pay attention to the physical changes of your wife, and take the time as much as possible to accompany her to the hospital for a regular physical examination during pregnancy, so you can directly understand the physical development of the mother and the fetus from the doctor, or you can also go to the face of the fetus, or you can also go to the face of the fetus. The doctor consults to assist his wife for fetal monitoring.

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