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Perfectly breeding comprehensive analysis: 199 weeks

Now that you have entered the third trimester. Most pregnant women will increase by about 5 kg at this stage.


From 29 weeks of pregnancy to 40 weeks of pregnancy, it is theory that it is theory of pregnancy, and this stage may be longer. Some pregnant women will extend to 42 weeks. After 42 weeks, oxytocr incuction is generally implemented to prevent the fetus from being familiar with or other dangers.

At this time, the fetus had more than 1,300 grams of weight, and it was about 43 cm in length. At this time, the fetus will open her eyes and turn her head to the light source that transmits from the mother’s uterus wall. Now the fetal subcutaneous fat has been initially formed, and the fingernails can be seen clearly. Irregular contractions occur at this time, and you will feel that your stomach occasionally will make a stiffness tight, which is normal. It is more likely to happen when walking more or fatigue, so pay attention to rest, do not stand too far or stand for a long time.

这时身体负担的加重是不是使你觉得时间有些难熬,对日益临近的分娩感到紧张不安?放松点,你现在可以为即将出生的宝宝做一些物质上的准备了,比如为宝宝布置一下他( Her) crib, sew some small clothes and quilts for him or her, or think about what name should be given to the baby. Soon you need a medical examination every two weeks, and you need to do a medical examination once a week in the last month. This is necessary, don’t be lazy to go to the hospital for inspection because of inconvenient actions!

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