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Perfectly breeding comprehensive analysis: 25 weeks

At this time, the fetal weight increased stable, the skin was thin and a lot of wrinkles, almost no subcutaneous fat, and the whole body was covered with a thin layer of fluff. The fetus’s body has occupied quite a lot of space in the mother’s uterus and began to fill the entire uterus.


Some pregnant women will cause headaches and dizziness due to increased blood pressure or anemia. Psychological burdens and mental factors can also cause headaches, so pay attention to maintaining a happy mood.

At this time, diabetes during pregnancy should also be prevented. This is because hormones such as adrenal cortex secreted in the body during pregnancy can fight insulin. The placenta will also secrete some anti -insulin substances, which causes the islet function to disorders, and the harm is the same as the pre -pregnancy diabetes. Pregnant women with positive urine and sugar should be appropriately controlled under the guidance of a doctor to control diet or medication, and strengthen the guardianship of the fetus.

In addition, you will find that there will be some dark red fine lines on the belly and breasts, as if the skin is cracked, this is stretch marks. Even if you apply it with a skin cream, you will not disappear. You can choose the appropriate bra to care for the breast to minimize the stretch marks on the breast. The vertical stripes from the navel to the lower abdomen are also more obvious. Don’t worry. Postpartum stretch marks will gradually fade or even disappear. Now you may feel a little tired. Due to the increase of the fetus, the abdomen is getting heavier. In order to maintain a balance, the waist muscles need to continue to work hard backwards, and the waist and leg pain are more obvious. There are also some pregnant women at this time to feel discomfort, afraid of light, drying, and astringent. This is a more typical pregnancy reaction. You can use some healthy eye drops that eliminate eye fatigue and keep your eyes moist to relieve discomfort.

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