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Perfectly breeding comprehensive analysis: 27 weeks

The fetus now weighs about 900 grams and has a growth of about 38 cm. You can see a short fetal hair on the fetal head. The boy’s testicles have not yet dropped, and the girl’s labia has begun to develop. At this time, the fetal auditory nervous system was also developed, and the response to external sound stimulation was even more obvious. The trachea and lungs have not yet matured, but the fetal breathing movements continue.


At this time, due to the slowing intestinal peristalsis and the blood vessels around the rectum, many pregnant women have constipation. From now to delivery, you should increase the daily intake of grains and beans, because the fetus needs more nutrition. Vitamin B in food rich in fiber -rich foods is very high, which has an important role in the growth and development of the fetal brain, and can prevent constipation, such as: whole wheat bread and other whole wheat foods, soy foods, coarse grains, etc. You can have more you can. Eat some.

Some pregnant women will find that the breasts occasionally secrete a small amount of milk, which is normal. At this time, breast care should be started, wearing the right bra, insist on scrubbing the nipple every day, and prepare for future breastfeeding.

At this time, you can read some books or videos about childbirth knowledge and understand the process of childbirth. If you have the conditions, you can participate in the childbirth guidance classes organized by institutional organizations. In terms of knowledge and spirit, you can prepare for childbirth to eliminate the fear of childbirth. This has a positive effect on future smooth delivery.

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