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Perfectly breeding comprehensive analysis: thirty weeks

The fetus now weighs about 1500 grams and is about 44 cm from head to toe. Boy’s testicles are falling to the scrotum, and the girl’s clitoris is obvious. At this time, the development of the fetal brain was also very rapid. Almost most fetuses responded to the sound at this time. Subcutaneous fat continues to grow.


Are you still telling your fetus, telling nursery rhymes or listening to music? Do you think he or she has react? At this time, he or she should be very familiar with your voice. You can continue. Perhaps this will make your baby be born better than those who have not been trained. He (she) will be easily soothed by your story, nursery rhymes or music, and emotions are more pleasant.

You can also let your husband help your belly, talk to the fetus, and let the future babies familiarize the voice of the father.

The nutritional needs of the fetus in the third trimester reached the highest peak. At this time, you need to consume a large amount of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, B vitamin, iron and calcium. You should drink more milk, it is best to drink two cups (500 ml) a day. Pregnant women who do not like to drink milk can also drink soy milk and eat more tofu, kelp and seaweed. The content of calcium in these foods is also very high, especially in kelp and seaweed, which is rich in iodine, which is conducive to fetal development. Pregnant women with severe calcium deficiency should supplement calcium according to the doctor’s suggestion. About 200 mg of calcium is used for fetal skeletal development every day.

At this time, the development of the fetus’s bones, muscles and lungs is becoming increasingly mature. At this time, my mother will feel that her body is getting heavier, her stomach is too big to see, and the action is getting more and more difficult, and she should be more careful.

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