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Perfectly breeding comprehensive analysis: twelve weeks

The fetus is now about 65 mm. From tooth embryo to toenails, the prototype of the body has been developed. The fetus’s fingers and toes are completely separated, and some bones have begun to become hard, and joint prototypes appear. The main task of the fetus in the next 6 months is to strive to draw nutrients from the mother, and then thrive until it can get out of the warm and comfortable uterus to adapt to the outside world.


3 months before pregnancy is a high incidence of miscarriage. Because the placenta has not been completely formed, the contact between the fetus and the mother is not particularly firm. This period is about to pass. At present, the symptoms of nausea and vomiting in most pregnant women have been reduced, and the stage of fatigue and lethargy has passed. You may feel energetic.

Now your skin may change a bit, and some pregnant women’s faces and necks appear to varying degrees of melasma. This is a normal characteristic during pregnancy, and it will gradually fade back after the baby is born. At this time you may also see that a vertical dark brown pregnancy line will appear from your belly to the pubic bone.

Throughout pregnancy, you and your husband should pay attention to the restraint of sexual life. This is not only due to the physical changes of pregnant women and the reduction of interest. If you don’t pay attention to the injury and bleeding of pregnant women, it will cause miscarriage seriously. If you have sex, you should pay special attention to keeping your body clean, otherwise it is easy to cause bacterial infections.

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