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Photo of the penis root folliculitis


Folliculitis can occur in any hair follicle area of the body, which is a common skin disease of the follicles.

The skin of the penis has folliculitis. Those with mild condition can be eliminated by the doctor’s advice. It can also be treated with surgery, laser and other methods according to specific conditions.


Folliculitis is mainly caused by bacterial, fungal and other pathogens, but some types of folliculitis may be related to the body’s immune function, mite parasites, allergic reactions, and scar constitutions.


If folliculitis occurs at the root of the penis, most of the skin such as red pimples can be seen, and it is usually accompanied by discomfort such as red, swelling, heat, and pain. In severe cases, pus, ulceration, and necrosis can occur in severe cases.


If the folliculitis at the root of the penis is caused by bacterial infection, the symptoms are mild, but there can be antibiotics such as local pain and other antibiotics.If it is caused by fungal infection, it can be eliminated by antifungal drugs, such as nitrate nitrate, ketoconazole, etc.Regarding the increasingly severe condition and developing into a cricket or dysentery, at this time, the pus needs to be discharged through surgical drainage.


At present, it is recommended to see the doctor in a timely manner to pay attention to local hygiene.

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