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Plastic bags are used to install hot foods. It is easy to analyze toxic substances. Will eating?Tell you the answer

Aunt Liu has always had a habit, that is, what bought it in the market If she was packed in plastic bags, she would take out the food and put it in a plastic box before putting it in the refrigerator.

Why does Aunt Liu toss this?Is it possible to put the plastic bags of the vegetables directly into the refrigerator?

It turned out that in the early years, Aunt Liu saw an article on the Internet. The content inside mentioned- “You still put the vegetables with plastic bags together in the refrigerator every time?Chronic suicide!

Many people do not understand that the ingredients of plastic bags contain plasticizers. If the vegetables and plastic bags are put in, the plasticizer will be migrated to the vegetables.Plastic bags, containing porphyal benzene, is a first -class carcinogen … “

The article was “reasonable and well -founded.” Aunt Liu flickered at once, and did not dare to put in the refrigerator with plastic bags. Is that really the case?

Plastic bags are used to install hot foods. It is easy to analyze toxic substances. Will eating?Tell you the answer

1. Plastic bags put vegetables and put in the refrigerator, toxic and carcinogenesis?

Generally, when we go to the vegetable market or supermarket, we basically use plastic bags. Will the plastic bags that are put directly in the refrigerator are really harmful to the human body?

Let’s first understand that the ingredients in plastic bags -plasticizers (there are many types, where the most DEHP applications) are used because of the needs of plastic processing technology.

The plastic with plasticizers has stronger plasticity, better flexibility, and can better “shape”.

Therefore, plasticizers are allowed to be used for food packaging materials.Of course, it is not used at will. The state has strict regulations on its usage, residual or migration (not more than 1.5 mg/kg).

Plastic bags are used to install hot foods. It is easy to analyze toxic substances. Will eating?Tell you the answer

Is the plasticizer carcinogen?

Although DEHP may indeed move from plastic products to food under some conditions, and then enter the human body.However, we have mentioned above that the country’s use of plasticizers is strictly limited. As long as it is a product of qualified quality, it is not enough to pose a threat to human health.

In addition, the Cancer Research Center only listed “DEHP” as 2B carcinogens, which means that it may cause cancer, but the evidence is insufficient.

If everyone is still worried, we can seem to be an experiment conducted by the China Business Daily’s curiosity column group with Xi’an joint quality inspection:

The staff first purchased two kinds of food bags for PE polyethylene with different purchases. The raw materials were PE polyethylene. They then purchased 5 kinds of vegetables packaged in plastic bags, all of which were placed in the refrigerator.

After 1 week of storage, the staff did not detect plasticizers from vegetables through professional instruments.

Plastic bags are used to install hot foods. It is easy to analyze toxic substances. Will eating?Tell you the answer

Picture source: China Business Daily Weinan Reporter Station

In this regard, Cao Wei, director of the Department of Food Science and Engineering, Northwest University, said, “The migration of plasticizers is conditional, and it is generally migrated in the case of inferior plastic bags, oil -based foods, and high temperatures.Qualified plastic bags usually do not migrate plasticizers, especially under the condition of low temperature put in the refrigerator and short storage time, the possibility is less likely. Therefore, citizens do not have to worry too much. “

Second, if plastic bags are hot food, will it be poisoned?

Since the plastic bag is put in the refrigerator, there will be no plasticizers migrate to the vegetables. If you put hot food, will there be a risk of poisoning?

At present, two types of plastic bags, polyethylene plastic bags and polyvinyl chloride plastic bags are currently used in the market. The state has very strict standards for its materials, such as the maximum oil resistance temperature of polyethylene can reach 130-140 degrees, while the food temperature is basically basicallyAt about 60-80 degrees.

Therefore, it does not cause the melting of polyethylene plastic bags, causing its ingredients to penetrate into the middle of the food, causing risks.

However, the general food -grade plastic bags are colorless and transparent. If you want to use plastic bags to install food, you must choose colorless transparency.

Plastic bags are used to install hot foods. It is easy to analyze toxic substances. Will eating?Tell you the answer

Three or colorful plastic bags contain benzene, which is risk of carcinogenic risk?

It is said that the color plastic bag contains the carcinogen -benzene meal, which may be transferred to the food after contacting the food, which may be carcinogenic risk.Is this reliable?

Benzene is indeed listed as a type of carcinogen by international cancer research institutions, but it mostly exists in some burning things, such as cigarettes, smoke produced by burning garbage …

Sometimes it can be brought into our food and packaging materials, but as long as the quality of the quality and unburled plastic bags are qualified through regular channels, they are in line with national production safety standards and will not produce carcinogenic effects.

Extension -The refrigerator is wrong, which is equivalent to eating bacteria

Many people think that the refrigerator is a safe, and everything can be placed. In fact, many diseases are caused by eating in the refrigerator or being contaminated.Especially these foods are not recommended to put in the refrigerator:

1. Banana

Banana skin contains a large amount of phenols and polyphenol oxidase. After being damaged at low temperature, the epidermal cells are damaged. These substances will run out of the banana epidermis, aggregate into melanin, and turn the banana black.

Plastic bags are used to install hot foods. It is easy to analyze toxic substances. Will eating?Tell you the answer

Although the flesh in the inside may not be bad, the dark epidermis can easily make people look numb and cannot swallow.

2. Sweet potatoes, potatoes

The humidity in the refrigerator is high, and the water of vegetables such as sweet potatoes and potatoes is not easy to lose. At this time, putting in the refrigerator will only speed up its softness and mold. It is recommended to put it in a cool and dry place.

3. Tomato

Tomatoes are divided into two cases. One is not familiar. This kind of normal temperature can be stored. If the refrigerator is placed, the mature process of tomatoes will be terminated at low temperature, which will affect its taste.The other is cooked. This is best to eat it as soon as possible. If you ca n’t finish it, you must wrap it in a plastic wrap and store it alone in the refrigerator to avoid the ethylene that it releases (a natural ripe hormone).Affects other fruits and vegetables.

Summary: Purchasing and using plastic bags that qualify for quality will not threaten health. However, from the perspective of environmental protection, it is recommended that you try to choose reused cloth bags and paper bag storage to reduce white pollution.

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Plastic bags are used to install hot foods. It is easy to analyze toxic substances. Will eating?Tell you the answer

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