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Play graffiti games with your baby!

Two or three -year -old babies like to believe in graffiti. Parents may wish to apply it with their children. Not only do you train your baby’s hand -eye coordination ability, but also allow your baby to experience the happiness of success.

The kindergarten teachers introduced some skills to the babies to paint color for parents.


Let the baby feel the beauty of colors in nature, add some emotional knowledge to them, and will not paint the tree red colors in the future, and the sun will be green. Appreciate more color painting works, guide your baby to observe why others’ paintings are good, and you can also show your baby some paintings that do not apply color to compare the baby.

Ingenious guidance

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When the baby draws, give a certain language guidance. For example, if the baby draws a tree, parents can guide the child to observe what color the leaves are on the tree and what color the trunk is.

When instructing the baby to paint color, you should apply the baby to apply it in one direction, or from top to bottom, or from left to right. Parents should pay attention to the baby’s young age when guiding the baby, the finger and wrist muscles are still tender, and the attention is easy to disperse.

(Intern editor: Lei Yuxuan)

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