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Please stay away from Coke half an hour before and after exercise

When you are in severe sports, you sometimes feel sore with your waist and legs or whole body muscles, exhausted, and sometimes feel hungry.At this time, a cup of ice cola is really cool.However, cola contains carbon dioxide and phosphate, which is precisely these two ingredients that determine that cola cannot be recommended as drinks during exercise.

A sufficient amount of carbon dioxide can play a role in sterilization and bacteriostatic in the beverage. It can also take away the heat in the body by evaporated and cool down.But the carbon dioxide in Coke allows us to enjoy the coolness and stimulation taste, but also bring some stimuli to our digestive system.Especially drinking before exercise may cause flatulence in the gastrointestinal and cause abdominal pain during exercise.

After a certain amount of exercise, everyone will feel more or less physical fatigue and soreness, because we have acidic substances in the body in the exercise, and the accumulation of acidic substances can cause physical fatigue.At this time, if you replenish the cola containing the body, it will increase the fatigue level of the body, so that the acid and alkali in the body will not be neutralized, and fatigue is not easy to recover.

Expert suggestions: Do not drink cola within at least half an hour before and after exercise.Because the human body has a large amount of electrolytes during exercise, drinking alkaline drinks containing electrolytes after exercise is the correct choice.

(Editor in charge: Chen Shaopeng Intern Editor: Li Ziyan)

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