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PLOS Med | North University Studies: Housing environment is closely related to early development of children!

Early child development (ECD) refers to the development of core perception, physical, cognitive, social emotions and language skills that are compatible with age. It affects personal academic, behavioral, and economic achievements. Data show that in 2010, it is estimated that 80.8 million children with 36-59 months have not been on track in cognitive and/or social emotional development in low-income countries (LMIC).

Children’s developers believe that in order to give full play to their development potential, children need to cultivate five components of sexual care: good health, sufficient nutrition, targeted care, learning opportunities, and security and guarantee. At present, most of the development of early survey risk factors and intervention measures focuses on nutritional supplements, response care and learning opportunities.

A study published last year on Jama Network Open shows that compared with children in the wealthy community, children from poor communities performed poorly in a series of cognitive functions such as language ability, reading skills, memory, and attention. The brain capacity of the cognitive area is also small.

Not long ago, experts in the field of brain science at the University of Viskxing University in the United States have recently published in the “Neurology” magazine. The above studies have proved that the neighborhoods with good street connectivity and parks with various scale nearby are conducive to the leisure and health of local residents.

However, the impact of environmental security and guarantee on ECD has not been fully discussed. Although the housing may be related to the development of children by affecting the health of children and the ability to take care of their parents, only a few studies have studied this factor. To this end, the latest research published in the PLOS Medicine magazine was given the answer to the experts led by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of Peking University National Health and Family Planning Commission.

Studies have incorporated 20 children of 9,4-59 months of 92,433 months of Sahara Africa (SSA) countries participating in multi-indicator category surveys (MICS). Among them, 88271 children used the early childhood development index (ECDI) questionnaire for cognitive and social emotional development tests were included in this horizontal analysis.

The average age of all included children was 47.2 months, and 49.8%were girls. If children have only one ECDI project unqualified in a certain field, they are considered to be developing normally in the field.

Under the condition of considering the background effect and socioeconomic factors, the condition logic regression model is used to estimate the housing (with the housing of the finished building materials, the improved drinking water, the improvement of the health facilities and the sufficient residence area) The relationship between emotional development. All results were analyzed according to the gender of children, the education level of mothers, and the five -point number of family wealth.

The results show that the normal and improved cognitive development (OR = 1.15, 95%CI: 1.06-1.24), improvement of drinking water (or = 1.07, 95%CI: 1.00-1.14), improvement of health facilities (or = 1.15,95,95,95 %CI: 1.03-1.28) and sufficient residential area (or = 1.06, 95%CI: 1.01-1.10) are closely related. However, the Asian group analysis shows that only girls’ social emotional development is related to housing improvement (or = 1.14, 95% CI: 1.04-1.25).

At the same time, if based on family wealth, among children with a higher level of family wealth, the relationship between improving housing and cognitive development is significant (OR = 1.20, 95% CI: 1.08-1.32 ), And there is no such relationship among two five-point children at the level of family wealth (OR = 1.01, 95% CI: 0.87-1.18).

In summary, improvement of housing is not only related to children’s health, but also closely related to the emotional development of girls.


Housing Environment and Early ChildHood Development in Sub-SAHARAN AFRICA: A Cross- Sectional Analysis.

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