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Pneumonia, crushing the old man’s straw

At noon on May 20, the news of the famous scholar Mr. Yang Yan was widely spread. On the same day, a reporter was informed that Mr. Yang Yan was hospitalized because of “mild pneumonia and intestinal obstruction”, but the condition turned to safety. Who knew that five days later, Mr. Yang Yan left us forever.

Why did mild pneumonia take away the life of the elderly in just a few days? Liu Qiangui, director of the Department of Response Rehabilitation, Beijing Elderly Hospital, told the Life Times: “Don’t look at mild pneumonia. For elderly people who are old, lung infection is often a fatal blow.” In fact, Yang Yang is not only Yang Yang Mr. Yan, known as the “Singaporean Father”, died of severe pneumonia at the age of 91 when he was 91 years old. Clinically, about 50%of the elderly died of lung infection caused by various reasons.

Liu Qiangui said: “Young people have symptoms such as fever, cold, cough, and elevated white blood cells when they suffer from pneumonia, but the elderly may just feel very mild burnout, fatigue, unwilling to eat or diarrhea. The rise of white blood cells is not obvious. Mr. Yang Yan’s pneumonia may appear on the surface, but the actual condition may be very serious. To the lungs, she will also aggravate her pneumonia. “

Can’t eat meals, nausea, diarrhea, drowsiness, indifferent expression, restlessness, urinary incontinence, etc., are also some manifestations of pneumonia for the elderly. After some elderly people have pneumonia, they only show chest pain or abdominal pain. Because of these atypical performances, many elderly people failed to seek medical treatment in time, and about half of the patients failed to find the right department, which led to misdiagnosis and delayed the best treatment time. Liu Qiangui suggested: “If the heat is more than three days, the cough is more than a week, and the medical treatment will not be relieved.”

The elderly have weak resistance, often suffering from other basic diseases, and the probability of severe complications is high. This is also an important reason for the high mortality of the elderly’s lung infection. For example, those with the original coronary heart disease, Yi Ji has myocardial infarction, and patients with severe heart disease will also cause heart failure due to hypoxia, hydrolytic balance disorders, and arrhythmia.

Liu Qiangui reminded that lung infection has become one of the main causes of death of elderly people, and should attract the attention and vigilance of the elderly’s family. He suggested that you usually strengthen exercise, open windows and ventilate, and pay attention to preventing colds; if you suffer from bronchitis, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible if you have phlegm; The disease also helps reduce the occurrence of pneumonia; eat more foods that clear the lungs and fire in the diet, such as red dates, yam, lotus seeds, mung beans, etc.; maintain a good attitude and optimistic attitude. ▲

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