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Points to prevent chronic bronchitis

The first to fight chronic bronchitis is treatment, and the second is to actively take prevention. In fact, many diseases in life are caused by bad living habits, enriching our own health knowledge, enhancing our own awareness of disease prevention, so that the disease can stay away from our lives, and we can have a good life.

Chronic bronchitis: Chronic bronchitis is chronic non -specific inflammation of bronchial, bronchial mucosa and its surrounding tissues caused by a variety of causes. Cold, smoking and cold often induce or aggravate the disease. Clinically manifested in chronic cough, sputum, repeated infection, or asthma.

The average prevalence of this disease in my country is 3.82%, and the incidence rate is increased as the age increases. Pay more attention to people in the north, mountains, plateau, cold areas, and factorys, and rural areas. Chronic bronchitis can also develop into obstructive pulmonary emphysema and chronic pulmonary heart disease. It can be seen that early treatment is important.

Chronic bronchitis is one of the common types of bronchitis and a common disease. The disease is more common among elderly people, which causes great trouble for the health of the elderly and their lives. For the disease, proper attention to details in life can play a good role in the prevention of the disease. What should I pay attention to when the prevention of chronic bronchitis?

The main points of prevention of chronic bronchitis:

First of all, we need to change the bad lifestyle such as smoking. Smoking is the most important factor in chronic bronchitis. It will not only cause bronchial spasm, increase the resistance of the airway, but also increase the patient’s condition. one.

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The poor environment also plays a role in helping lung diseases. Atmospheric pollution has stimulation and cytotoxic effects on bronchial mucosa, it can also cause proliferation of lung fiber tissue. Therefore, avoid going out when the air quality is poor.

Allergic factors have a certain relationship with the onset of chronic bronchitis. Some allergic factors can directly lead to the incidence of diseases to aggravate the disease, so stay away from allergic factors.

Try to prevent colds, respiratory tract infections will not only aggravate chronic bronchitis, but also the onset of chronic bronchitis. In this way, it should be far away from influenza, pneumonia, and Moraka.

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