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“Poisonous milk powder” reproduced, many children have been killed!Parents pay attention

The healthy growth of the baby is inseparable from the feeding of breast milk. The benefits of breast milk know, but many women have to use milk powder as an important source of nutrition because their bodies are not allowed or older.

However, in order to buy a bottle of healthy and safe milk powder, Bao moms have broken their hearts, or domestic milk powder or domestic? Which brand of milk powder is more secure?

All milk powder samples detect pollutants chloropenol

The Hong Kong Consumer Council once tested 15 pre -packaged infant formula on the market and found that all samples contain patelisyl glycol. This pollutant has long -term intake, which will cause damage to renal function, and the male reproductive system will also be on the male reproductive system. affect.

The sample containing the highest chloropenol is a milk powder brand called Bellamy’s Organic, followed by Meiji. These two milk powder brands are the choice of many parents. As everyone knows, their children may be affected because they eat these milk powder.

In addition to detecting patellaxol in the sample, the test personnel also detected carcinogenic oxygenol in nine samples, which contains the highest amount of samples is snow printed milk powder. In addition to chloropenidol and oxygenol, this test also found that all samples contain trace lead elements. The highest content is Meiji, followed by Abbott.

As we all know, chronic lead poisoning may cause harm such as anemia, damage to renal function, and damage to fertility. Although the leading elements in Meiji with the highest content also meet the upper limit of the Food Code Committee, parents are also worried that their children will be harmful to lead.

In addition, all of the 15 samples detected 3-MCPDs. This substance will affect the function of male reproductive systems, and detect the highest milk powder brand containing 3-MCPD with a content of 120 micrograms.

Feeding according to the feeding amount of the instructions, the baby needs to eat 106 grams of milk powder a day. The 3-MCPD they consume far exceeds the 8.6 micrograms specified by the European Food Safety Administration.

In this test, the nutrient content of each brand of milk powder was also compared. It was found that the nutrient content of 6 milk powder was different from the test. Among them, the highest price Wyeth milk powder contained the vitamin A content was 21.9% lower than the labeling marked.

After this test, people realized that not all “foreign milk powder” is better and safer than domestic milk powder.

“Foreign milk powder” is not better and safer

Most of the unqualified milk powder is because vitamins or minerals are higher than national standards or lower than national standards, but this standard is also different from regional.

For example, the US milk powder sets the lower limit of iron content. It is a qualified milk powder in the United States, but entering China may become unqualified milk powder. On the one hand On the other hand, there are differences in the physique of babies in the two countries.

Germany once tested the 16 milk powder from France, the Netherlands and Germany on the market with three laboratories and found that half of them detected aromatic hydrocarbon mineral oil. Excessive intake can cause serious diseases and even risk of carcinogenic risk.

Among the unqualified milk powder detected, there are 3 models from the Netherlands, two from France, and the other three are brands under Germany’s Nestlé. It can be seen that imported milk powder is not necessarily more quality assurance. When buying milk powder, you need to pay attention to a few issues:

First of all, each country’s standards for baby formula milk powder are different, and there are also differences in the content of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. When purchasing imported milk powder, we must carefully compare the indicators. Choose milk powder suitable for children’s physique. Essence

Secondly, when choosing imported milk powder, you must buy through regular channels. Those who like Haitao or purchase, try to choose a brand close to my country’s milk powder standards. It is best to choose the original imported foreign milk powder, because these products are based on China. Standard production is more suitable for the physique of Chinese children.

In addition, experts suggested that due to the different physique of children in different countries, coupled with the different standards of milk powder in different countries. For safety and health guarantee, parents should choose domestic milk powder.


Of course, it is best if you can feed breast milk, because this is not a brand of milk powder for any brand! If you have conditional mothers, you still insist on breastfeeding your child. At least when you are born until 6 months old, you can breastfeed. After 6 months, you can add solid food supplements appropriately.

If you really want your child to drink milk powder, you don’t need to follow the trend to buy net red milk powder, let alone perseverance that imported milk powder must be better than domestic milk powder. Only milk powder suitable for children is a good milk powder.

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[2] “Hong Kong’s commercially imported milk powder detected carcinogen, Meiji, Wyeth, Mead Johnson and other lists are famous. Can the baby continue to eat? “. Consumer report .2020-08-18

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