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Polycystic ovary syndrome may lead to infertility!Five signals of the disease, don’t ignore it

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, a lesions characterized by high hormones, ovulation disorders, and ovarian polycystic changes in ovary, manifested as symptoms of obesity, acne, polymorphos, and other symptoms. It is often ovulation disorders. Essence

Fortunately, after treatment, this disease is controllable, so female friends must pay attention to the early warning signal of polycystic ovary syndrome!

1. Menstrual disorders

Therogens level of polycystic patients is higher than normal people, while androgen can interfere with ovulation and cause irregular menstruation.

It is worth noting that the irregular menstruation of polycystic patients generally starts very early, such as menstrual disorders after the first tide. Some people show less menstrual flow or even amenorrhea, as well as a few patients with more menstruation.

2. Mao Mao

Excessiverogens can cause hairpinis, and excessive hair will appear on the face, chest, abdomen, back and other parts.

In addition, some patients also have hair loss due to excessiverogens.

3. Skin problems

High -level androgen can cause increased skin oil secretion, which in turn causes a series of skin problems, which is represented by acne and black spiny ledmia.

Acne of PCOS patients is often distributed along the chin, and it is often difficult to improve after the regular treatment of dermatology (such as vitamin acid). Black rowing disease is associated with insulin resistance, which is manifested in the velvet samples of local skin with black velvet samples, commonly in the back, underarms, and vulva areas.

4. Sleep breathing suspension

Many patients have sleep apnea, which leads to hypertension, heart disease, obesity, and emotional changes.

Studies have shown that polycystic patients are 30 times higher than the chance of breathing problems in normal people.

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5. Obesity

Generally, patients with polycystic will be obese, because there are leptin resistance and insulin resistance in the body, insulin resistance will cause a large amount of fat to precipitate in the body.

Lessyin resistance allows the brain to keep the signal of hunger, allowing people to take too much calories.

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