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Positioning diagram of breast cancer preservation treatment


Breast cancer radiation is staged according to breast cancer, which mainly refers to the radiotherapy irradiation range of lymph node metastasis, breast tumor size, and surgical method.And breast cancer is determined that the radiotherapy indicator is greater than 4 cm of the tumor, and the number of lymph nodes is greater than or equal to 3. In this case, radiotherapy or postoperative radiotherapy is given.


Positioning diagram of breast cancer preservation treatment

Breast cancer surgery should be strictly grasped strictly that the tumor size, location, multiple centers, and patient age should be considered.For example, the patient’s tumor size is less than 3cm. The position of the tumor has a certain safe distance from the nipple or the patient’s molybdenum target is determined that there is no indication in the mammary disease in the breast.


For radiotherapy after breast protection surgery, you may need to choose 10GY, 36:5GY, etc. for radiotherapy.

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