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Will hepatitis B infection of the new coronal virus aggravate the condition? Articles that the new coronal virus affects the health of the health pointed out that nearly 50%of the new crown pneumonia occurs.In the clinical diagnosis and treatment of new coronary pneumonia, the increase in liver enzymes in patients with new coronary pneumonia is very large.Recently, the study of liver cancer in Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University.

1. With the advancement of science and the continuous efforts of researchers, human beings have made tremendous progress in the prevention and control of viral hepatitis. Especially after the implementation of free vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine, the effect of the hepatitis B maternal and baby blocking rate has achieved significant results nearly nearly a lot.Friends of patients with hepatitis B asked me if they can inoculate the new crown vaccine? The answer is dependent on the situation.

2. If it is a hepatitis B carrier or patients with hepatitis B vaccination, the problem of new crown vaccine is not a lot of original research papers for gastrointestinal symptoms about the new type of coronary virus in the “gastrointestinal symptoms of new crown pneumonia hospitals outside Wuhan”.This multi -center retrospective study was gastrointestinal disease of Zhongshan Sixth Academy and Sun Yat -sen University.

On the 10th, at the press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia in Hubei Province, Zhang Dingyu, president of Wuhan Jinyan Hospital, introduced that the new crown pneumonia is actually a self -limited disease.At present, the cumulative patients with new crown pneumonia are treated in Jinyin Tan Hospital.


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