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Possible cause of pain in the lower left waist

The symptoms of pain in the lower left waist of the patient may be caused by lumbar muscle strain, pelvic inflammatory stimulation, and kidney stones.

First, the lower left lumbar pain can be considered caused by lumbar muscle strain. Long -term weight -bearing fatigue leads to lumbar muscle damage, forming aseptic inflammation, which can cause pain. Generally, the pain is worsening after cold or cold.Second, if female patients have lower left back pain, considering chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, stimulating local tissue causes waist pain, patients will also have performance such as lumbosacral soreness and lower abdomen swelling.Third, kidney stones are also common causes of left lower lumbar pain. Patients can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and epipoicotherapy. Patients can go to a regular hospital to improve the examination. After determining the cause, symptomatic treatment is performed under the guidance of the doctor.Most pelvic inflammatory disease is caused by pelvic bacterial infection. The source of pelvic bacterial infection is usually because the female reproductive tract is open, that is, the semi -open channels of the vagina, cervix, uterine cavity and fallopian tube.Bacteria can easily cause adverse infections in women’s genital tract, thereby infecting women’s pelvic cavity, and pelvic inflammatory disease is more common among women.Another reason is that women’s pregnancy, sexual intercourse or abortion, including natural miscarriage or artificial abortion. Some patients have to accept the curettage or curettage due to the large menstrual flow.Due to the frequent intrauterine surgery, although surgery is sterile, sometimes bacteria inside and outside the vagina are inevitable, and pelvic inflammatory disease is caused by retrograde infections caused by frequent intrauterine surgery.Therefore, pelvic inflammatory disease is more common among women, mainly due to bacterial infections.Kidney stones are stones in the kidney collection system. The manifestation on the B -ultrasound is the shadow and sound shadow of the abdomen. The most common clinical manifestations are pain, hematuria, nausea, vomiting and bladder irritation.When kidney stones occur, severe pain occurs, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Some patients have severe stones activity, which may have the naked eye hematuria, and even frequent urination, urgency and pain.Urinary system B ultrasound or urinary system CT can effectively diagnose kidney stones.

It is recommended that patients drink plenty of water to taboo spicy food.At the same time, develop good habits to avoid staying up late.

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