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Postpartum depression is the “injury” of expectant mothers, and family members must pay special attention!

After the delivery of women, the family’s attention is mostly concentrated on the newborn, but the maternal body and mind are easily overlooked. For women who have just finished production, whether they are spiritual or physical, the damage is huge, so It is necessary to understand the changes in postpartum women.

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What changes do women change after childbirth?

Women who have just finished childbirth, at this time, are both physical and mentally exhausted. In addition to feeding newborns in time, they must also endure the pain caused by physical recovery. On the one hand, one is physical and the other is spiritual.

Change one: body

With the birth of the fetus, the uterus of women has narrowed sharply. In addition to the sharp changes in abdominal pressure, there are severe pain in the external genitalia, because there will be many wounds here, which requires time to recover.

The above is only a temporary injury. For women, after the production, the stretch marks on the belly are difficult to remove. In addition, the abdomen is too torn, causing the skin to relax. These will be accompanied by women for a long time.

Change 2: Spirit

Many women are first -person mothers, and they have not completely changed to the role of mother. Therefore, it is inevitable to be at a loss. If many things are not handled well, women will inevitably have concerns psychologically. Coupled with the family’s focus at this time, it is easy to ignore the maternal feelings.

Depression is a huge threat facing women’s postpartum. If this disease is not handled well, it is easy to cause very regrettable things. When the mother becomes depressed and does not like to speak, she should pay attention to it in time. At this time, the family members should give the maternal comfort and support. Help it through psychological difficulties.

So, what should be done for women the most for women?

Women need to do something after childbirth to help the body recover as soon as possible, and provide children with sufficient breast milk. Therefore, the mother and their families need to know how to do these things.

Method 1: Increase the interaction of mothers

Maternals should interact with their children more to arouse the mother’s desire to protect. One can enhance the feelings between mothers and children, and can also help the maternal to spend a postpartum depression period.

Method 2: Physical recovery

The uterus of postpartum women and their needs to restore normal anatomy need to do some movements to assist. There are also great changes in the level of female hormones after childbirth, such as some postpartum bleeding and increasing lochia. It is necessary to adjust it in time. If it cannot be adjusted by itself, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

Women need to replenish nutrition in a timely manner after giving birth. In order to ensure sufficient milk, the other can also allow the body to be fully repaired, but remember not to eat too much to avoid obesity. Women have tried their best to be pregnant for ten months, and then after childbirth, they are already physically and mentally exhausted. Therefore, whether men or families, they need to give her the greatest affirmation and support. Women also need to return regularly after giving birth to return to timely return to return. Check the body of the hospital.

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