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Postpartum medical examination -healthy and fitness

Women have a healthy baby in October, and their bodies will change greatly from pregnancy to childbirth. Skin skin, breast sagging, buttocks, etc., which affects women’s pursuit of beautiful and beautiful desires, how to meet the desire of healthy and fitness What about postpartum health and bodybuilding is a topic that many expectant mothers must consider. How can we return to the predetermined body or restore the body to the best state under the premise of health?

Many women attach great importance to pre -pregnancy examination and prenatal examination, but it is easy to ignore postpartum examinations. In fact, a considerate postpartum medical examination is also important. Prevention of prevention, and can also prevent maternal disease from affecting infant health. You can also do detailed and targeted health guidance for postpartum health care, and do a good job of comprehensive guidance for physical health and bodybuilding.

What projects do postpartum medical examinations? That is to say, new mothers must be targeted during postpartum medical examinations, and postpartum medical examinations cannot be equivalent to ordinary gynecological examinations. After happiness transforms, a lot of subtle changes have undergone a lot of subtle changes in the body of the new mother. , The physical examination must be targeted. Generally speaking, the content of the new mother postpartum medical examination is as follows:

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General examination, body fat detection, waist surrounding hip measurement, blood routine, routine urine, routine, stool potential, 11 items of liver merit, three kidney skills, four blood lipids Four items of blood sugar, myocardial enzymes, three thyroid function, rheumatoid factors, C reactive protein, seven trace elements, two hepatitis B, two female tumors, six female hormone, pylori antibody, hepatitis C antibody measurement, HIV virus Antibody, syphilis serum specific antibody detection, internal medicine examination, women’s surgical examination, ophthalmology examination+crack lamp, non -contact eye pressure detection, female TCT test, gynecological examination, digital vaginal mirror, twelve guidelines, whole body heat imaging, etc. Essence

The consultation of postpartum rehabilitation experts after a comprehensive medical examination is also indispensable. By consulting experts, you can have a targeted postpartum health care to do a good job of health and fitness.

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