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Practicing this set of brain health exercises every day, it’s hard to want to be clever

The elderly must improve their brainpower, increase memory, and prevent cognitive disorder, and move every day. Taiwan’s “Chinese Health Network” recently published sports therapist suggestions that middle -aged and elderly people spend half an hour to do “brain health exercises” every day, which is very helpful for short -term memory, task execution, and coordination. Metabolism and strengthening immunity.

Wu Mengtian, Taipei Sports therapist, pointed out that the following 5 -type brain health exercises, combined with aerobic exercise and coordinated training, not only promote cardiopulmonary function, but also activate brain circulation.

Recruitment 1: One by one grasping the hand. 1. Start with a simple step, open and fist simultaneously with both hands. 2. Then improve the difficulty, open the fist in one hand, and exchange the movement at the same time. 3. Finally, you can speed up the speed, train reactions, hand and brain coordination.

Recruitment 2: Invincible Wind Fire Wheel. 1. Raise your arms straight, like a free swimming style, swing forward, and swimming backwards. 2. Improve the complexity, move forward with one hand, one hand to the back. Note that the waist must also be rotated to complete this action. 3. Finally, you can speed up the speed and exchange direction to train reactions and shoulder and brain coordination.

Recruitment 3: Foot heel to foot to dance. 1. Start with a simple step, synchronize your feet at the same time, tiptoe first, and then change to the heel. 2. Then, a tiptoe of the toes, stepped on the heel, and swap the movement at the same time. 3. Finally, you can speed up the speed, train reactions, feet and brain coordination.

Recruitment 4: Steps before and after. 1. Stand, raise your left knee, and drive your right hand at the same time. Then change it in the same posture. 2. Do the movement of the legs back, while hook your left foot back, drive your right hand to touch the heel. Then change it in the same posture. 3. Combine the two actions and become a complete movement. 4. People with instability can maintain slow speed and better physical stability, which can speed up speed.

Recruitment 5: Simple Edition. Considering some elderly people with inconvenient legs, they can support chairs or walls. 1. Start with a simple step, stand and support the chair, and start to warm up. 2. Rotate your knees in turn, and at the same time drive the hands of unsolved chairs to touch the lifted knee. The movement of the hook feet is the same, and the left and right feet are also taken turns, and at the same time, the hand of the unsolved chair is also driven, and the heel that is raised is touched. 4. Combine the two actions, and the two fronts and two are a complete movement. 5. Change to do. It must be based on the premise of stabilizing the body balance to avoid falling.

This set of health exercises can be 3 times a week for 30 minutes each. If you feel that 30 minutes is too long, it can be demolished and 10 minutes. ▲

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