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Precautions before and after physical examination

Before the medical examination

With the symptoms to go to the hospital, there is no symptom to go to the medical examination. There are no obvious symptoms in the early days of many diseases, and once symptoms may have delayed the best treatment time. The purpose of the medical examination is to help you find the hidden dangers in your body. Before the age of 30, you can check it once in two years; 30 to 50 years old, the best medical examination once a year; more than 50 years old, not much medical examination twice a year. Regular health checks can make the risk factors appear, and then help us take necessary measures and handle it early, which can not only maintain health, but also promote health.

You should prepare some preparations before conducting medical examinations.

1. Medical examination institution

There should be the following points for the standard of selecting the medical examination institution:

Reliable-must have basic medical qualifications; convenience-the best; benefits-reasonable charges; service-trustworthy; environment-warm and clean.

Public, third -level A hospitals have strict management systems and regular annual inspections in the medical examination venue, instrument and equipment, inspection reagents, disposable medical consumables, medical staff composition and level and operating procedures. Has a formal qualification and a certificate. For example, the medical examination department of Beijing Tongren Hospital has an independent department specially set up for medical examinations, which can maximize the privacy and safety of the inspectors.

2. Physical examination time

Do a set of ordinary health examinations, which can be completed in only 2 hours or even shorter. In some professional medical examination institutions, the subjects can get a medical examination report on the day of the medical examination and the doctor’s recommendation.

3. Physical examination fee

Because of different medical examination items and medical examination institutions, the costs of health inspections are also different. A set of gynecological examination costs including mammalistic stamps, infrared milk, gynecological examination, cervical cytological examination, and gynecological B ultrasound are about 300 yuan in Tongren Hospital. The cost of pure gynecological diagnosis and cervical coating is about 170 yuan.

Sound of the medical examination

Worthwhile personal health file

One medical examination does not guarantee all the diseases. Because various inspection methods have certain limitations, the sensitivity is not 100%. No abnormalities were found during inspections this year, and it does not mean that there will never be abnormalities in the future; only adherence to regular medical examinations can prevent problems before they occur. Save the annual medical examination report, understand your own health, to establish your own “reference value” as an indicator of your own health.


When a test result is doubtful or the result of one result cannot be concluded, the clinic must be retracted. The retransmit is to do another check for the same project, and the results of the results will be interpreted again, and conclusions will be made.


When the results of the inspection have concluded, in order to observe its changes or evaluate the treatment effect, it must be tracked.


When the results of the medical examination have clearly displayed the disease and need to be treated, they must seek medical treatment. Among them, those who cannot delay must be “seek medical treatment immediately.”

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Further examination:

When the examination method is not enough to be used as a diagnosis, it is necessary to go to the hospital for further examination. The method used to further check is usually different from the original method.

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