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Precautions for collecting men’s normal semen

When diagnosis and treatment of male infertility, semen examination is an indispensable step, which aims to further discover clues. However, incorrect collection of precision often causes distortion of the test results, or it is not suitable for inspection and use for inspection specimens, causing in vain and delay. In order to make the inspection results more in line with the actual situation, the following matters must be paid attention to:

(1) Forbidden sexual life within 3 to 10 days before adopting, there must be no masturbation or nocturnal emission here. During abstinence, alcohol or smoke should be prohibited, and drugs that are not taken to impact on spermatogenesis, such as glycol (for those who determine contraceptive effects are not in this case), sex hormone drugs, etc.

(2) Wash your hands and pussy, especially the glans before taking precision. It is better to get up in the morning, and the environment should be quiet and no interference. The best method of picking is best to use masturbation. Because rubber and talc powder can affect the vitality of sperm.

(3) Sterilization bottle should be sterile, clean, and dry. The temperature of the bottle before the essence should be the same as the room temperature (about 20 ° C). The capacity of the bottle should not be too large, but the bottle mouth should not be too small, so as not to shoot the semen outside the bottle.

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(4) After ejaculation, the semen should be stored in about 37 ° C. It can be placed in a close -fitting underwear pocket in winter, or holds the insulation with the hand, but pay attention to the bottle not to fall down and upside down; avoid sun exposure in summer. After the essence is collected, the inspection laboratory should be sent immediately to check for inspection within 2 hours.

(5) In addition to the name, date, and specific time, the specimen must also indicate the number of days of abstinence before picking.

(Intern editor: Li Liqiong)

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