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Preschool children watching TV ten taboos

1. Avoid the amount of sound too high

When school -age children watch TV, under the stimulation of higher volume for a long time, it not only easily reduces the sensibility of the hearing, forms bad auditory habits, but also easily leads to a decline in sensibility such as visual. On the contrary, the use of relatively small volume has greatly promoted the development of children’s hearing, vision, and attachment to gravity.

Second, avoid the light of light

When watching TV, the indoor light is too dark, which affects the development of children’s visual functions and easily leads to the emergence of myopia. When watching TV with your children at night, do not turn off the lighting lights. A small red light on the back of the TV can play a role in protecting the vision.

Third, avoid too long

Children are in a period of rapid physical and mental development. Watching TV for a long time every day can easily cause the child’s nervous system and the body to cause fatigue, affect the healthy development of physical and mental health, and affect the normal progress of other activities such as learning. It is best to control the time of watching TV every day in school age. It is better to control within 40 minutes.

Fourth, avoid too close distance

Preschool children always like to sit forward when watching TV. In this way, the child’s eyes are stimulated by the strong light emitted by the screen, which not only easily reduces the sensitivity and adaptability of the child’s visual, but also easily causes the eye ciliary muscle to reduce the function. Essence Generally speaking, when watching TV, it is advisable to place your child’s seat at 2.5 to 4 meters from the TV.

5. Avoid sitting posture

When the child watched TV, he sat crookedly. For example, leaning on the quilt and lying in his parents’ arms, he easily made the child’s unsettled spine deformed and bent, and developed bad sitting habits.

6. Look at it after meals

After a meal, the child watched TV, easily transferred the child’s brain excitement center, and focused on the high degree of gravity in the TV content, forming the stagnation of digestive fluid secretion and the deposition of food, affecting the digestion of the gastrointestinal and intestines. After a meal, let the child move for a while, and watch TV again.

Seven, avoid eating while eating

Children watching or eating, candy, melon seeds, etc. The food in the mouth often does not chew enough, easily aggravate the child’s digestive burden and affect digestive function. This is the same for a long time, and it is easy to develop a bad habit of eating snacks.

8. Avoid watching the TV with martial arts murderous content

Preschool children often watch martial arts murder films, which not only easily causes children to be nervous, afraid of state for a long time, affect physical and mental health, but also easily cause children to be curious and simulate, resulting in the improvement of children such as fighting and fighting. Essence Attack and adventure have increased.

Nine, avoid TV autism

TV and TV game consoles are extremely attractive to children. Children’s thinking has poor analysis and strong simulation. In the long run, children only have a sense of hobbies in TV shows, indifferent to things around, and become lonely. They can seriously appear abnormal psychological state.

Ten, avoid letting your child watch TV

Some parents let their children watch TV, thinking that their children are comfortable, and they are actually counterproductive, which is not good for children’s health. Some people like to lie on the bed or on the sofa to watch TV, and feel that watching TV is comfortable and leisurely and energy. Their children also studied and watched TV lying down. In fact, there are many places to watch TV. This is because when lying down and watching TV, not only should you look up and sideways, but also need to crooked his neck and deflection.

In this way, the eyes of the eyes and the TV screen cannot be kept on the same horizontal line. This needs to be adjusted with the eyes. After a long time, it will cause spasm and contraction of the ciliary muscles in the eyeball muscle and the eyeball. , Conjunctiva congestion, tears of eyes, even increased intraocular pressure, visual blurring, and decreased vision.

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If you are often lying on the bed or watching TV on the sofa, it will also cause the rectus and upper and lower oblique muscles in the eyeball to severely fatigue and shrink the disorders, causing diseases such as eyes strabismus. The bodies of teenagers are in the period of development. Not only can they feel tired easily, but they also easily cause diseases and other diseases of the eyes.

In addition, lying down to watch TV, because most of the muscles of the body have been relaxed, the respiratory and blood circulation in the human body slows down, the central nervous system of the brain has gradually entered a state of suppression, and the brain’s thinking and memory ability have also greatly weakened, resulting in inhibitory and excitement The serious disorders not only do not achieve the purpose of appreciating TV programs, but also cause adverse consequences such as insomnia, neurasthenia, and back pain. Therefore, in order to ensure good health and prevent diseases, it is best not to watch TV, especially children.

(Intern editor: Liu Yinying)


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