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Prevent prostatitis in mind these 9 words

How to prevent prostatitis? Prostatitis is one of the common reproductive system diseases of men. It will not only affect normal life and rest, but also have a certain impact on sexual function. Therefore, male friends must pay attention to preventing prostatitis and reducing the impact on health. So how can we better prevent prostatitis in daily life? Remember the following nine words, you can help your principle of prostatitis!

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Prevention of prostatitis

1. Exercise

Exercise can help improve blood circulation, stimulate the secretion and excretion of prostate fluid, and reduce discomfort caused by the accumulation of prostate fluid. Propined exercise of prostatitis patients also help promote the recovery of prostate inflammation. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the amount of exercise. Too severe exercise can also cause congestion and edema of the prostate. Therefore, pay attention to choosing exercise methods and exercise time. It is more appropriate for walking, jogging, and gymnastics of about half an hour a day.

2. Keep your mouth

Diet conditioning is also very important for preventing prostatitis. You can eat more tomatoes, apricot, guava, watermelon, papaya, red grapes, etc. with daily diet. , Almond, cashews, hazelnuts, etc. are also a good choice. As for spicy food, tobacco, alcohol, etc., pay attention to less touch. Many young men have the habit of drinking and drinking for a long time. Once prostatitis is suffered from prostatitis, it is not easy to cure.

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3. Happy

Prostatitis patients are often accompanied by emotional disorders such as anxiety. As long as they have a little symptom, they are not willing to stop the medicine. The cure is understandable. However, when the treatment reaches a certain degree, the patient needs to perform emotional conditioning by themselves.

Prevent prostatitis in mind these 9 words
Prevent prostatitis in mind these 9 words
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