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Preventing children infected with tapeworm disease, starting with hygiene!Code four key points

Terraper disease usually refers to the disease caused by the parasitic of the worms of the wiper in the human body or other organs. It is a common parasitic disease.

Don’t underestimate this “small worm”, tapeworm larva may move to lung, eye, brain, thyroid and spinal cord and other organs. Adults parasitic in bile duct, pancreas, appendix and liver, etc. , Appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, intestinal perforation, and peritonitis.

The high -incidence of tapeworm disease is a school age and early -age children, and there are generally no obvious regional differences. In order to prevent the infection of tapeworm disease, parents must pay attention to. How to prevent children infected with tapeworm disease? The key point is naturally -hygiene.

Preventing children’s tapeworm disease, these four important matters are “code”!

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene:

To develop good personal hygiene habits, wash your hands before and after meals, do not eat unclean fruits, cut your nails frequently, do not bite your nails. Change the laundry, handkerchiefs should be washed every day, and placed in a clean pocket for later use. It is best to use napkins to strengthen feces management. Use harmless human feces for fertilizer. Preventing the pollution environment of feces is an important measure to cut off the pathway of tapeworm transmission. Essence

2. Pay attention to the environment cleaning:

Remember to regularly eliminate flies, cockroaches, and do not eat foods that have been cracked by them. Because these animals often bring tapeworm eggs, bacteria, and viruses contaminated by feces and stools to food, thereby spreading digestive tract diseases.

3. Cultivate good habits:

To educate children not to drink raw water, do not stool everywhere. Fruit and vegetables should be washed thoroughly, and the fruits should be peeled.

4. Take insect repellent:

Pediatric tapeworm diseases need to give sufficient amounts of insect repellent under the guidance of a doctor. Be sure to see adults excreted from the body, so as to be truly effective. If the amount of medication is too small, the tapeworm cannot be removed; the dose is too large, it is easy to produce side effects, or even poisoning.

Generally, it is best to choose medicine before going to bed, which can reduce side effects. If there are many bugs after deworming, be sure if you have been driven. You can make a test of the eggs for a period of eggs once a month. If you ca n’t find the eggs, do n’t beat the insects. If there is no adult excrement after taking the insect repellent, it may be that the insect body is smaller in the stool, and the naked eye cannot be seen.

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