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Probiotics are not magic medicine. Beware of the body, the worse the body, the worse!Only three cases are effective

I received a message from a young treasure mother in the background:

My baby is only 3 months old. Recently, I do n’t know what’s going on. I have been diarrhea and listened to my girlfriend that my probiotics are very good for the stomach and can treat problems such as diarrhea and stomach pain.

I went to buy it later, but after eating for a while, the baby was almost the same as before. I was almost tortured crazy. Because of this, the vaccine had been postponed for a month.Mowing

1. What exactly is probiotics?

In the eyes of some people, probiotics are magical existence, indigestion can be eaten, diarrhea can be eaten, constipation can be eaten, appetite can be eaten … Anyway, as long as there is something wrong, just eat probioticsLing Dan cricket.

However, is the probiotics really so amazing?Active intake of probiotics does have certain benefits for health.In a broad sense, there are thousands of bacteria in the intestines of the human body, which can be roughly divided into three categories: beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria and neutral bacteria.

Among them, probiotics are a type of beneficial bacteria, which are bacteria that can regulate the steady state of the human body, including original bacteria, symbiotic bacteria, and fungi.In a narrow sense, probiotics are called probiotic products or micro -ecological preparations produced by probiotics.

What are the real effects of probiotics?

For a long time, probiotics are well known to most people to regulate the intestinal microbial ecology, enhance intestinal immune function, and prevent diseases such as diarrhea, intestinal excitement syndrome, and ulcerative colitis.

Especially for constipation, many people think that eating probiotics can be smooth. In fact, the effect of probiotics improves constipation is not obvious.

In addition, for infants and young children with repeated occurrences of eczema, the effect of using probiotics is also different. Probiotics are only effective for milk protein allergic eczema. Eczema caused by other factors also needs to be applied to the symptoms and cannot blindly use probiotics.

The real role of probiotics is mainly to promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Probiotics can reduce the intestinal pH value, promote the absorption of nutrients such as calcium, iron, and vitamins, while secreting multiple digestive enzymes and accelerate metabolism.

In addition, it plays a certain auxiliary role in viral diarrhea and antibiotic diarrhea.

Third, long -term edible probiotics have side effects on children?

In recent years, probiotics have become “Spiritual Wonder Medicine”. Many novice parents encountered their children’s indigestion, loss of appetite, diarrhea, etc. The first thing to think of is to give children probiotics.Some people even eat probiotics without moving, hoping to enhance their physique and become poisonous.

In fact, probiotics are not universal, and the role of health has individual differences.When diarrhea, diarrhea caused by antibiotics caused by virus infections, and allergic eczema of milk protein, the use of probiotics is effective.

However, parents cannot abuse their children to replenish probiotics, because healthy children can self -produce probiotics, and long -term abuse of probiotics may constitute potential harm to human health, depend on probiotics, and eventually destroy human micro -ecological balance.

When using probiotics, pay attention:

First, you cannot take it at the same time as antibiotics, otherwise antibiotics will kill probiotics, causing the loss of medicinal effects;

Second, we cannot use water at more than 40 ° C, so as not to cause probiotics to be lost;

Third, it cannot be taken at the same time as adsorbing drugs, which is not conducive to the spread of probiotics in the intestine.

Supplementary reading: There are 2 misunderstandings in probiotics, don’t step on the pit

Finally, remind you to add a few misunderstandings that are prone to probiotics, and pay attention not to step on the pit.for example:

1. Probiotics can be supplemented by itself

This is not desirable. Probiotics include bisidobacterium and lactobacillus. Which probiotics lack in the body need to be tested through intestinal flora, so it is necessary to reasonably supplement the doctor’s guidance.

2. Drinking yogurt is equivalent to supplement probiotics

Wrong, probiotics can only survive for 3-14 days in the liquid environment of yogurt, and the number of probiotics in yogurt is small, and the activity is poor. There is no ability to resist gastric acid, bile and digestive enzymes.

Nowadays, some families must be used for probiotics, and they are taken when they are sick or not.In fact, although probiotics have certain benefits, do not use and abuse, learn scientific use!

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