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Proper exercise can control sugar, but don’t step on these 3 big pits!

Can exercise help diabetic patients to control blood sugar? The answer is beyond doubt.

Exercise can significantly improve metabolic indicators, such as exercise can improve the level of glycated hemoglobin (HBA1C) of diabetic patients. This improvement effect and diet therapy, drug therapy and insulin therapy are equivalent [1]. Some studies have shown that only 12 weeks of aerobic exercise can significantly reduce patients’ HBA1C levels, increase skeletal muscle strength, and improve the level of exercise perception [2].

But clinically, patients often exercise according to their own ideas, but there are no effects, and even cases of hypoglycemia caused by excessive exercise. Today, we will take a look. “” “!

01 Don’t have to prepare before exercise? wrong!

According to the “Guidelines for the Treatment of China Diabetes”, each exercise should be prepared 5 to 10 minutes before exercise, and at least 5 minutes of relaxation activities should be available after exercise.

From a quiet state to a severe movement, it is necessary to have a process of adaptation. Fully preparing activities can not only improve the excitement of the central nervous system, but also overcome the inertia of internal organs. At the same time, improve the ability of the nervous system to coordinate muscle coordination, so that each organ cooperates, coordinate, and improve the working ability of sports organs, and also prevent damage accidents [3].

02 The stronger the exercise intensity, the better? wrong!

The design of exercise requires exercise time and exercise intensity. When the strength of the exercise is large, the duration of the exercise is shortened accordingly; the intensity is small, and the duration of the exercise is appropriately extended.

In addition, the strength of the exercise should not be too large, excessive exercise volume or severe exercise in a short period of time, which will stimulate the body’s stress response, resulting in increased hormone secretion, blood sugar increased by catechhoine and other insulin effects, and even induced diabetic keto acid poisoning. Controld the diabetic condition is not good for [4].

In order to ensure the safety and effective exercise, the strength of the exercise must be controlled within the determined effective range, and more than 80%VO2MAX (maximum oxygen volume) exercise is dangerous; exercise less than 50%VO2MAX to the elderly and heart disease patients Suitable [5].

For middle -aged and elderly diabetes patients, due to the more complications, the strength exercise of 50%to 60%VO2MAX is more suitable [6]. In order to exercise safely, in principle, patients with more than 40 years of age, more than 10 years of disease, diabetic patients with cardiovascular disease symptoms and signs should obtain target heart rate through exercise tests [7].

03 Sports solution can be adjusted at will? wrong!

Sports therapy is part of the lifestyle intervention of diabetic patients. If the doctor has determined the exercise plan, it is not recommended to adjust it by themselves. From the current research results on exercise and diabetes, aerobic exercise and resistance training are good ways to exercise in diabetes patients. Selected, it is recommended to combine the best exercise scheme of type 2 diabetes patients with aerobic exercise and resistance training [8].

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Due to the differences in individual disease status and exercise ability, the exercise training plan should be adopted (from less to more, from light to heavy, from scarcity to complexity, periodic, and moderate recovery). Adjust the plan with changes in exercise capabilities [8].

Therefore, the adjustment of the movement of diabetic patients is complicated and should be carried out under the guidance of a professional physician.

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