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Protect the baby away from the hip red diaper rash

Hip red and diaper rash are common skin diseases for newborns, and babies with diaper are likely to have the possibility of this disease at any time. Due to the delicate skin of the newborn, thin stratum corneum, it is easy to fall off, and the resistance to mechanical and chemical stimulation is poor.

The disease is mainly caused by the often rubbing with the skin of humid diaper. The skin is red, and the severe cases can be pimples, herpes, secondary infections or ulcers. Therefore, changing diapers to avoid long -term contact with wet cloth is the best prevention method.

If the diaper is rough and the washing is not clean, the fatty acids produced by abnormally stool can also stimulate the skin and cause hip red or diaper rash. Therefore, the problem of diaper needs to be considered during prevention. When choosing a diaper, consider soft, clean, dry, and water -absorbing power. It is most suitable to be modified by a thin and soft white single. Use rubber or plastic cloth less; wash the soap and washing powder when washing the diaper, dry it. Use behind. When you change the diapers after urination, you should use gauze or soft towel to dip warm water to gently scrub the hips and perineum from the front to the back, and apply it with non -irritating oil or sprinkle some refreshing powder.

In addition, trying to avoid artificial feeding and prevent diarrhea from newborns, it is also very important to prevent diaper rash.

(Editor in charge: Ling Yan)

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