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Qu Wanting fell in love with the mayor of Vancouver to forget the years of love and need to take care of it with your heart

According to a Weibo celebrity named “Caring for Gossip Growth Association”, the Chinese female singer Qu Wanting, who is famous for “My Singing”, publicly interacts with the mayor of Vancouver, Canada. According to the news, the relationship between the two had been established since 2012, and the mayor Luo Pinxin had divorced his wife not long ago.

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The 32 -year -old Qu Wanting is 18 years different from the 50 -year -old Vancouver Mayor Luo Pinxin. Forgotten love always attracts people’s attention and gossip, especially for stars standing at the cusp of public opinion, it is even more imaginative. Previously Essence

In addition to looking at the mentality of gossip, many people have an attitude of unbelievable and incomprehension. They believe that most people are young people because of their personal purposes, or money, or fame or fortune, or for vanity to enter the combination of forgetfulness. When they get or cannot get the benefits they want, I will leave without nostalgia and transfer to another embrace. The older side is nothing more than the freshness of love, longing for the feeling of no youth, when they are bored or no longer obsessed, they quickly draw from it.

From this perspective, “forgetting the New Year” is nothing more than a combination of the two. It is a special transaction.

Of course, everyone has their own different views. Everyone’s lifestyle is different. We cannot impose their own ideas on others. In fact, fortunately, only they know the most.

Feelings are not a show, and should not be accompanied by any utilitarian colors. The main thing is whether the two parties love each other. People are combined for love, and they deepen each other’s love because of the combination. This is the true meaning of happiness. Whether or not you forget your New Year, you must first read it yourself. It is always the best to make a decision after thinking clearly. Third, do a good job of psychological construction. You are just falling in love with people with older age, and there is nothing to do. Naturally, you can ask life as well as, let alone cover up.

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