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More and more scientific picture books have begun to quietly enter the world of parent -child reading. But then, some moms and dads started to worry. There is no plot of scientific picture books. How can I read the baby’s resonance? Scientific picture books read more, will the children lose their own interest in science and nature. … Now, let’s take a look at how to read it to read a good taste of scientific picture books.

Q1 Some scientific picture books have no plot. How can I read to resonate with the baby? Some scientific picture books have no strong plot itself, but use some easy -to -understand languages ​​to speak some scientific common sense with children. You can also call them as a common sense “Scientific prose”. When reading such a class of books for babies, it is best not to just follow the presence of this book. If you can echo the scene in life, it will help him understand the content of the book.

Just like the three -three mother below, she uses the practice of “touching bones” to tell the child the book “Bone”. It not only gave the baby a chance to do it by herself, but also made her more impressed with the “bone”.

The story mother appeared: Practice, and then practicing the book: “Bone” and “Bone” The book three or three let us talk over and over again. The best way to talk about this kind of book is to practice while talking about the ribs and ankles, and let her touch it accordingly.

One day, three or three touched my feet and told me that it was her “ribs” … —— Three Moms, recorded in the special reminder of the daughter 2 years old: If a scientific picture book can attract the child without a plot, usually There are two reasons: one is vivid language, and the other is content life. When choosing this kind of scientific books, pay attention to the text content first to see if it is very close to the child’s daily life; then read it loudly to see if the language is lingering.

Q2 Scientific books read a lot, will children lose their interest in exploring science and nature? A truly good scientific picture book is not in the so -called knowledge, but to mobilize children’s curiosity about the world’s curiosity about the world And enthusiasm, help them cultivate a brain that is interested in nature and science.

And when we read such books, we really don’t have to glance at it, as serious and rigid as the classroom questions. Instead, add some game elements and read it in accordance with the child’s interaction, in order to mobilize the child’s desire to explore.

Especially some scientific drawing books with storylines. Although the entire story is based on some scientific knowledge, it can be read like a fairy tale, full of imagination.

If we can move their brains, design a few small games related to the story content with the baby, just like the mothers below. Essence When the child gradually develops the habit of trying to try to try the story, it is difficult for you to not want him to not let him explore the mystery of science in person.

Story Mom appeared: Use imagination to make a game sharing books: “Alley’s Red Cloak” just bought “Alley’s Red Cloak” shortly. In order to attract the child’s attention and let him know the procedure of the cloak, we before going to bed, we Play a game together.

Every time I think of a cloak, the little horse immediately exerts his imagination to perform: he uses his small hands as scissors, raised his index finger and the middle finger “click, click” on the hair of the puppet rabbit. Sweating towels are wool.

He repeatedly rubbed the “wool” several times to complete the process of washing wool … – Pony Mom, recorded in his son’s 4 -year -old link: Baby’s “First Scientific Picture Book” recommendation

★ “Selected World Excellent Scientific Picture Book” (all 22 volumes) from shallow to deep, through small details such as glass, rain boots, garbage, etc. in life, show children a magical and changeable scientific world.

★ “New Life Science Picture Book” (4 volumes) The birth and grown up of animal babies such as kangaroos, giraffes, panda, etc., and revealing a topic of their most interesting topics in a relaxed and easy language: “I am from it. Where does it come from? “Related link: The recommendation

★ “Who’s Uh on my head” A mouse just climbed to the ground and was hit by a pile, and he buckled it on it like a hat … This is a child laughing from head to the end. s story. Unconsciously, the living habits of various animals have been firmly remembered in their hearts.

★ “A stranger in the forest” When Bai Xue covered the world silently, when the sparrows were on the top of the snowman’s head, when the deer bitten the snowman’s carrot nose … This photographic fairy tale, let adults and children know how to know Yes, what is the kindness and harmony between man and nature.

★ “Where’s the wind” is a picturesque popular science book. It really achieves the integration of art and science, teach children to look at the world with a poetic vision, see life, the whole life is endless, Xingyue Yueyue The beauty of Jinghui.

Special reminder: The scientific picture and book types of the story are very rich, and they are also most suitable for three or four -year -old babies to read with their parents, but science is different from fairy tales after all. In fairy tales, the penguins in Antarctica can fall in love with the bear’s bear, but the animals in the scientific picture book still have to abide by the laws of nature. Therefore, when choosing such books, in addition to paying attention to choosing interesting stories, you must also pay attention to the logic of science. Q3 After the naughty ghost in my family reads scientific books, I always ask this and how can I answer him? Read scientific drawing books with older children. The most important thing is to communicate in reading. He may ask many questions and make you feel a little bit big, but you must treat it patiently: the child raises the question, indicating that he has understood the content of the book, and must be encouraged to his performance.

The child’s question does not necessarily give a standard answer. In fact, sometimes asking for a while, letting him answer his own questions is also a good way to stimulate his thinking.

For a bigger child, you can also check the encyclopedia with him or the Internet. This can also teach him a variety of ways to explore to know how to know.

Related links: Baby’s “First Scientific Picture Book” Recommendation ★ “The Dusher in the World” starts with small bacteria, and the mountains and north of the world have opened the mountains, although it is said that those who seem disgusting look disgusting Things, but talked about the scientific principles hidden in small things in life. It is very close to the child’s psychology, especially for boys as the first scientific entry book.

★ How to tell the lion to tell the lion for weight? Is the water drinking the same as today? Almost every book will ask the child to ask such a small question of fun. There is only one or two sentences in each page, but the relevant scientific knowledge is extended one step forward. It really achieves from shallow to deep and integrating.

Story mother appeared: During reading, we communicated and shared books: “Where is the growth of pepper?” When I read “Where is the growth of pepper?”

In the bag of pepper, in the pepper snack … In fact, pepper grows in India, Indonesia and Brazil. When I told my son, he seemed to ask: “Can we grow up in our family?” I don’t know, I only continue to find a real answer in the book. However, my son could ask very seriously that I was still very happy because he knew why he had to ask why.

——Mori Junjie, recorded in the special tip of his son at the age of 5: For children under 6 years old, pictures are often more intuitive than text, and can make them understand the content of the book. The most obvious flaws of the so -called “children’s encyclopedia” that are together in the west are mostly crudely made of pictures in the book. They cannot let children understand real nature or scientific things through pictures.

Choose an excellent scientific picture book. In addition to seeing whether it has good text, you must also have exquisite ideas, which can help children understand the knowledge points introduced in the book more deeply.

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Summary hope that parents can have a peaceful mentality to treat the new trend of scientific drawing books: Don’t think that children can learn knowledge because of the word “science” in the title; “These two words are just thinking about reading and playing.

Many stories contain very rich knowledge of natural science and humanities, and will let children know the world in the subtle way. Whenever you choose a book for your children, the fun is the first. As long as the child falls in love with reading, he will definitely fall in love with science!

(Intern editor: Zhang Lijuan)

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