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Reading women countlessly affect fertility?Men are careful of these bad lifestyles

Recently, a online TV drama “The Poor Concubine Promotion” with “the most popular crew in history” has made many netizens poisoning and wanting to stop. The main content of “Prince Princess Promotion” is that Zhang Peng hunting women in Zhang Peng hunting. In order to avoid the encirclement of his ex -girlfriends, the soul passed through the ancient prince Zhang Fanfan after accidentally falling into the water, and then began a period of ” The harem of women’s hearts “is promoted to the belly black royal drama. Numerous hunting women are one thing that some men think they are proud in the real world, but this experience sometimes makes men lose their fertility.


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Excessive indulgence may cause the disaster of “infertility”

Numerous men hunting women are often romantic, and it is difficult to hold their own behavior. As everyone knows, indulgence is actually “hurting” the fertility of men. If you have excessive sexual life or have too many sexual partners, men will have a series of physiological and psychological problems.

During normal sexual intercourse, about 200 to 400 million sperm shot to the other party’s body, and the ability of sperm activity has enhanced, becoming an important manifestation of men’s fertility and health. However, scientists have found that if a man ejaculates 4 times within 6 hours, then one day after a day, in the semen ejected by the male, a sperm will no longer be found.

As mentioned in Chinese medicine, excessive indulgence will cause “kidney essence loss” and “lack of kidney qi”, which further causes a series of symptoms such as loose teeth, hair loss, tinnitus, and forgetfulness. Therefore, it is not a good thing for young people who need to give birth to offspring.

These bad habits also affect men’s fertility

Love to wear sexy tight pants: Many young men like to wear tight pants, jeans, etc., but do not know that these clothing is also one of the “killing black hands”. The sperm is very delicate, and the environmental temperature of the place should be slightly lower at 1 ° C. When a man is restrained in tight pants and jeans with poor breathability for a long time, the air does not circulate at the scrotum will cause inflammation of the reproductive tract, and it will also hinder the scrotum skin. Heating and cooling hinder the return of the sperm vein, which is not conducive to the generation and nutrition of sperm.

Frequent use of mobile phones: The high -frequency microwave of the mobile phone will cause the number of sperm to decrease sharply, and the sperm vitality decreases. Therefore, the child of childbearing age should pay attention to self -protection. When there are ordinary calls around, try not to use a mobile phone. Use your mobile phone to call as long as possible. Eat more foods rich in high -quality protein, phospholipids, and B vitamins to enhance the ability to resist radiation and protect the function of reproductive organs.

Picky partial eclipse: partial eclipse and picky eaters can easily cause nutritional incomplete or even disorders. Only men with balanced nutrition and good physical condition can produce high -quality, sufficient number, and vibrant sperm. Therefore, foods taken every day should include production capacity (protein, fat, carbohydrates) and non -productive substances (cellulose, trace amounts, trace amounts Elements, water and dietary fiber), etc., the relationship between zinc is particularly close to fertility.

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Jiu Circle Racing: The height of the racing handlebar is lower than the seat, the center of gravity is leaning forward, the waist is bent, the testicles and prostate of the perineum will be close to the cushion. After long -term squeezing, it will bechemia, edema, inflammation, and affect the inflammation. The generation of sperm and the normal secretion of prostate fluid and semen cause infertility. Therefore, male youth should not run a running car for a long time and should not exceed one hour a day.

In the second child, fertility is essential for a man. Male friends should abandon bad lifestyles, stay away from the infertility crisis, and build a harmonious and happy family with their partners.

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