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Recommended: fresh vegetable juice that the baby drinks

The toxic substances in the human body are mainly derived from two ways: one is pollutants in the atmosphere and water sources. The heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, and mercury are represented by breathing and dining. Waste, such as free radicals, pyrophology, hydrogen sulfide, etc. Fresh fruit and fresh vegetable juice can often relieve the accumulated toxins and waste in the body. After entering the human digestive system, fresh fruit juice or fresh vegetable juice will make the blood alkaline, dissolve the accumulated toxins in the cells, and excrete the in vitro.

The method of making vegetable juice is very simple. Wash the vegetables into small slices and stir in the juicer. You can use sugar, honey or mixed fresh fruit juice when drinking. Here are some common food therapy effects of vegetable juice.

Carrot juice: Drink a certain amount of fresh carrot juice every day to improve the condition of the entire body. Carrot juice can improve human appetite and resistance to infection. During breastfeeding mothers, drink more carrot juice every day, and the quality of milk secreted is much taller than mothers who do not drink this juice. People with ulcers can significantly reduce the symptoms of carrot juice. Carrot juice also relieves conjunctivitis and maintains the entire visual system.

Celery juice: Celery tastes fragrant, which can enhance people’s appetite. When the weather is hot and hot, drink a glass of celery juice after getting up in the morning, and it will feel much better. It is best to drink some celery juice between the two meals. Because the roots of celery are rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, etc., celery juice is especially suitable for vitamin deficiency.

Cabbage juice: cabbage, also known as cabbage. Cabbage has good effects on promoting the recovery of hematopoietic function, preventing sugars from turning into fat, and preventing serum cholesterol deposition. Vitamin A in cabbage juice can promote children’s development and prevent night blindness.

In addition to the selenium contained in cabbage juice, in addition to the prevention and treatment of amblyopia, it also helps enhance the sterilization power of white blood cells in the human body and the poison of the body to the body. When gum infection causes periodontal disease, drinking cabbage and carrots mixed juice can not only provide a large amount of vitamin C for the human body, but also clean the mouth.

Tomato juice: Medical experts believe that eating 2-3 tomatoes per person can meet the needs of vitamin C a day. Drink a few cups of tomato juice to get half of the vitamin A needed day and night.

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Tomato contains a large amount of citric acid and glyphic acid, which is greatly beneficial to the metabolism process of the entire body. It can promote gastric juice production and strengthen the digestion of greasy foods. Vitamins in tomatoes have the effect of protecting blood vessels and can improve the work of the heart. In addition, drinking tomato juice can make skin fit.

Cucumber juice: The cucumber juice in medical scientists is among the best. Cucumber juice also occupies an important position in strong heart and blood vessels. Cucumber juice can also make the nervous system calm and strong and enhance memory. Cucumber juice has certain effects on gum damage and prevention of periodontal disease. Many of the elements contained in cucumber juice are required by hair and nails, which can prevent hair loss and nail splitting.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)

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