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“Red butt” Harm Nursing 6 Note 6 Note

Many mothers complain to me. The baby’s buttocks are excreted every day. Daily care is very troublesome. Sometimes I want to steal some laziness. The baby’s butt is finally punished. Medical diaper rash or diaper dermatitis.

Parents don’t underestimate the baby’s “red butt”, it is quite harmful.

“Red butt” is harmful

The newborn baby is excreted frequently, and there are more urine. Newborn stools feeding breastfeeding usually have 4-5 times a day. You can keep changing diapers during the day. You can only use diapers at night. Inadvertently, the baby’s buttocks must be in contact with the urine. The soaked diaper with the tender skin of the baby is too long. The urea in the urine decomposes ammonia and stimulates the baby’s skin, or because the stool is in the stool in the stool After the hip retention time is long, fermentation produces acidic substances, plus sweating and other factors, which stimulates the tender skin of the newborn. It is often on the hips, the root of the thighs, and the inside of the thigh. If it is not treated in time, the surface of the skin will be erosion, falling off, and even infection, which often causes hipitis.

Therefore, mothers often question: “Okay, what happened to the baby’s tender little fart?” It’s really red in the baby, it hurts to be in the mother’s heart.

Note “Red butt” 6 Note

I tell the novice mother about the “red buttocks”. There are 6 kinds of nursing methods, which can minimize the chances of the occurrence of your baby’s “red fart”, helping the babies away from the red buttocks.

1. Cotton system

For babies, they must use cotton white cloth as diaper. First, it is comfortable, sweat -absorbing, and natural, and it is not like chemical fiber may harm the skin. The second is that it is easier to observe the baby’s urine, because urine can often reflect the health of the baby.

2. Reline should be changed frequently

Parents must pay attention to whether the baby is unconsciously urinated in order to change the diapers in time. Pediatric urine does not change diapers in time, especially at night without changing diapers, or with disposable urine and no wet to dawn overnight. If you do not change the diaper for a long time, the urine will stimulate the delicate skin of the hips. The diaper should be washed frequently. After cleaning it thoroughly, put it in the sun to dry it to sterilize.

3. Clean your hips after you stool

Newborn has a sparse stool and a large amount of stools, and breastfeeding newborns are particularly stool. Due to the diaper, the stool is often covered with the entire hip. Some parents or nanny wipe the stools of the hips with diapers after children’s stool without cleaning the hips, so that the entire hip still adheres to the stool. When the diaper is pocket, red buttocks occur in the environment of humid and exciting objects. Essence

4. To ensure that the buttocks are dry

After cleaning your hips, you must dry the water, and then wrap it with diapers; be careful not to think of the baby’s hips, so that the skin of the hips is dry. If the hips are originally humid, the powder is only transformed into pieces, not only the part is still humid, but also the powder is also stimulated by the skin. The humid environment has reduced the resistance of local skin and red buttocks.

5. Put the buttock cream for the butt (it is best to choose the ingredient without wool fat, otherwise it will easily cause allergies), and finally replace him with a clean diapers.

6. Before changing to a new diaper, stop for a few minutes, and wait for the little butt to become dry. You can also use your hair dryer to adjust to the normal temperature and blow your buttocks.

(Editor in charge: Wang Huiming)

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