Red wine, let you lose weight elegantly

The tannins contained in red wine can inhibit bacterial reproduction and effectively help digestion. The vitamins C, E and carotene contained in it also have antioxidant functions, which can prevent aging, maintain normal metabolism in the body, so that the body will not follow the years with the years Passing and gradually bloated. It is said that drinking a glass before going to bed every day can make you easily lose 5 pounds of meat.

Construct a good constitution

Red wine contains phenols released from grape skin and seeds, such as redness, flavonoids, can increase the proportion of “good cholesterol” in the body, help prevent the generation of blood toxins, and keep the body always maintain a good light cycle. Of course Difficult to get up.

Reduce edema

Red wine is rich in iron, and alcohol itself has the effect of promoting blood circulation and warmth, so it can improve anemia, warm and lumbar kidney, and effectively reduce the accumulation of water in the body. Through the swelling constitution, especially suitable for this beautiful and slimming wine thinning method.

Save the tips

The most taboo for saving red wine is the strong change of temperature. If the red wine is at room temperature when buying, then save it under the same temperature conditions at the same temperature; if you want to drink cold wine, you can add ice cubes when drinking; The smaller changes indoors.

The best time to lose weight

To play the effect of red wine, it is best to drink before going to bed. Red wine containing a small amount of alcohol can help sleep, and can slowly increase the temperature of the body, so that the slow and metabolic nights can also participate in the combustion metabolism of fat. The grape polyphenols in red wine can relieve physical pressure and effectively suppress stress violent violence Drink violence.

Edible method

Generally speaking, it is more suitable to drink 50ml of red wine before going to bed every day. However, due to the differences in personal constitution, girls who cannot drink alcohol or allergic to alcohol are not recommended to use this method.

(Intern editor: Wang Yanyu)

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