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Reduce drugs for children’s damage and keep in mind the five “avoid” medication

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Children are vulnerable to drugs due to incomplete organ development. Nowadays, the phenomenon of home self -purchased drugs has gradually increased, and many families have “small pills” with common medicines for reserves. However, due to the irregularity of children’s condition judgment, medication methods, drinking water, posture, and notes, there are still many misunderstandings in children’s medication. For example, in life, many children suspect that capsules are not easy to swallow, and parents open the capsule and pour the medicine powder out of the water. They do not know that this is harmful to the child’s body.

So, how to reduce the harm of drugs to children? In response, invited Cao Xiaomei, an associate researcher at the China Institute of Inspection and Quarantine Science and Director of the Inspection Center of China Inspection (Beijing) Health Management Co., Ltd. to support the majority of parents.

▲ Five major taboos for children’s safety medicine! Did you know everything?

1. Avoid abuse of vitamins and trace elements

“Now there are many medicines or health products of children’s vitamins and trace elements on the market. Many parents will let their children take it in an adult. In fact, this is unscientific. Well, it will also cause damage to the body. “Cao Xiaomei said that in general, there is no additional supplement for trace elements. Unless there is a lack of clinical manifestations of vitamins or trace elements and the doctor is confirmed to be supplemented.

2. Avoid antibiotics

Many people call antibiotics “anti -inflammatory drugs”, which is a big misunderstanding. Antibiotics can only work when bacterial infections, and most children’s common diseases such as common colds, autumn diarrhea, and child acute rash are viral infections. At this time, antibiotics are invalid. So do not use antibiotics as soon as you get sick. You can take it when you are confirmed by a doctor to take it.

3. Avoid hormonal reconciliation heat and painkillers

The cause of fever in children is very complicated. Perhaps it is common colds, tonsil inflammation, or severe diseases such as measles, pneumonia, and meningitis. Before the cause is not found, the abuse of hormone or heat relief drugs will cover up the condition and hinder the correct diagnosis.

4. Avoid infusion at will

We have been emphasizing not to go to the hospital for infusion when we get sick, because we have more secure and convenient ways to take medicine to choose from; of course, in another aspect, if your child’s condition is very serious, mental appetite is very poor, it is difficult to drink water, and it is difficult to drink water. There are some symptoms of dehydration, or if you cannot correctly judge the severity, then don’t hesitate to go to a regular hospital for treatment to avoid delaying the condition.

5. Avoid taking tonic for children at will

Such as royal jelly, ginseng, propion globulin, etc., which can easily lead to precocious or allergies.

▲ How to reduce the harm of drugs to children? You still need to understand these

1. Pay attention to the drug storage conditions

Parents should pay attention to the storage conditions of the drug after retrieving the medicine from the hospital, which is room temperature, cool or refrigerated; before taking medicine for children, you need to confirm the validity period of the medicine and read the drug instructions carefully to determine whether the packaging of the medicine is complete, whether the color and smell are There are abnormalities and so on.

2. Don’t recommend drugs to other children casually

Drugs are very professional products. Do not recommend medicines to other children, and do not obey other people’s advice and take medicines for children. Some people see what medicines for other children to eat, and they are used for their children, which is not safe to do so.

3. Preliminary assessment of the child’s condition

As a parent, you must have a correct concept when your child is sick. There must be a preliminary assessment of the seriousness of the child’s condition. Do not think about infusion or anti -inflammatory drugs when you have a cold.

For ordinary colds, we often joke and say, “It’s good to take medicine for seven days, not taking medicine for a week.” This means that it is the same, mainly to treat the symptoms, such as cooling, relieving nasal congestion, headache, diluted sputum, and so on.

4. Do drug metabolic related gene test for children

Cao Xiaomei said that data from the National Pharmaceutical Adverse Reaction Monitoring Center shows that the adverse reaction rate of Chinese children’s medication is 12.9%, which is twice that of adults, and the adverse reaction rate of newborn medications is as high as 24.4%, four times that of adults. “The incidence of adverse reactions in children’s drugs is related to various factors. On the other hand, the occurrence of adverse reactions is closely related to individual genes.”

According to Cao Xiaomei, children’s safety medication detection generally includes drug metabolic gene detection, such as CYP2C9, CYP2C19, CYP2D6 and other “P450 family enzymes” genes that are closely related to drug metabolism. Children have serious adverse reactions due to improper medication.

5. Don’t let your children take health products for a long time

Cao Xiaomei reminds the majority of their families that there will be many children’s vitamins and trace elements on the market. Many parents will let their children take it in an adult. In fact, this is unscientific. “Don’t think that children are harmful to eating vitamins. In fact, it is not good to eat too much, and it will also cause damage to the body.”

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