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Reduction of sperm vitality may affect fertility

Checking semen routine is the main examination items in male infertility. Conventional semen inspection indicators, including semen, color, pH, condensate, liquefaction, sperm count, sperm vitality, etc. Among them, sperm vitality is a very important indicator. Although the number of patients is okay, due to lack of mobility, the operation speed is slow, and it is also impossible to give birth normally.

In terms of judging sperm operation speed, the inspection method has improved. In the past, inspections often made subjective judgments based on the results of inspectors under the results of the naked eye under the microscope. This inspection was not only affected by the technical level of the inspector, but also with considerable subjectivity. Later, the inspection method continued to improve, and no longer made a rough assessment in general, and the use of good, medium, and weak judgment methods could no longer accurately judge the motion ability of sperm. In the 1970s, in the 1980s, foreign countries successively developed the automatic analysis system of laser scattering measurement technology and computer image processing, so that the level of semen examination reached a very precise and perfect level. After years of hard work, my country has designed and developed the above two systems by itself, filling the domestic gaps and reaching my country’s sperm function analysis technology to the international level.

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According to this detection method, the peak distribution of normal human sperm exercise speed is 36 microns per second, and its average exercise speed is 35 microns per second. The distribution peak is 32 microns per second, and the average exercise speed is 31 microns per second. The latter is obviously lower than the operating speed of the former, and there is a significant difference between the two groups.

According to clinical data, about 20%of male infertility patients are no seizure, about 30%are young sperm, and about 40%of human sperm exercise speed is less than 31 microns per second, about half of which are lower than each second lower than that of each second lower than that 28 microns. Many patients believe that the number of sperm is good, that is, they cannot have childbirth, and they often complain about the heavens. In fact, there are problems with sperm speed. Clinically, analyzing sperm operation is of great significance for the treatment of male infertility. In fact, the exercise ability of sperm is low. If a person’s average exercise speed is less than 28 microns per second, regardless of the number of sperm, it should be regarded as weak sperm, and it can be treated as a cause of infertility.

(Intern editor: Li Liqiong)

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