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Regular physical examination reduces the risk of cervical cancer

Although cervical cancer is dangerous, it takes 6 to 8 years from early inflammation to malignant cancer. According to the study, the first phase of cervical cancer can reach 80%to 90%, 60%to 70%in the second phase, 40%to 50%of the third phase, but it has developed to the fourth phase, but it has developed to the fourth phase. Only 10%, so it is very important for regular examination and timely treatment.

Many Chinese women’s lifestyles are almost the same as Western women. Western women generally have the habit of conducting regular physical examinations, but many women in my country have not even done many necessary inspections. Many young women also start looking for after getting sick. Doctors, in fact, when the patient himself feels uncomfortable or has a reaction, many diseases have missed the best opportunity for treatment.

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Cervical cancer has almost no physical discomfort in the early stage, but when there is irregular bleeding, it usually reaches the second phase of cervical cancer, and the risk has increased a lot. At present, the early discovery technology of cervical cancer has matured. Adult women can check once a year. Whether there is a lesion can see it at a glance. If the lesion is found, the use of surgery and radiotherapy at this time can not only prevent the spread of cancer, but also reduce the impact of uterus and ovarian on the quality of life when the cancer is severe, and the effect of healing is also very good.

(Intern editor: Tan Yong)

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