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Rehearsed heat stroke scraping too hard for skin inflammation infection

In summer heat stroke and dizziness, many people take materials on the spot, holding coins and cooling ointment towards the shoulder and neck, and must be scraped to the elasticity. It makes people feel comfortable. However, Chinese medicine practitioners remind that scraping does not have to appear large red purple spots, which will cause inflammatory infection of the skin, and scraping needs to be at least 1 week apart to avoid keratinization of the skin.

Scraping health! Lightly scrape the muscles along the meridians

Dr. Zheng Yizhe, the Ministry of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Tzu Chi Hospital in Taichung, pointed out that scraping is a simple health care method passed from the ancestors. It is not only aimed at heat stroke heat dissipation, but also a method for treating and evaluating the disease. The so -called 出 is a special manifestation of the internal depression of the human body or internal organs through scraping, and it appears on the surface of the body. Most people are most commonly used in summer heat stroke, eliminate wind and cold, and alleviate headaches and dizziness caused by colds.

In principle, scraping is mainly based on the direction of the meridians, and it is scraped in the area with rich muscles. Do not scrape it on the bone, such as the edge of the scapula, or the middle of the spine, because the distance between the bones and the epidermis is relatively thin. Too hard, it is easy to cause obvious pain or injury to the skin.

Lightly scrape = = heat stroke will fade

The scraping plate is gently scraped about 10 times along the meridian direction, and the scraping point appears immediately. The discomfort of the patient’s discomfort is heat stroke, so that the heat in the body can be emitted by the pearl point of the skin, which will be much more comfortable; A few times, there is no feeling at all, it may be other issues. Generally speaking, the just scraped will definitely fade in a week. If it is too hard, the leather table can be obviously swollen and swollen, and even the muscles are inflamed and sore. It was not harmed without its profit.

Dr. Zheng Yizhe said that some people scrape once a week on average, and each time it makes a lot of red purple crickets feel effective, but the scraping is too frequent or forceful, the skin is easy to keratin, and it will be more and more and more and more intensive to scrape out the points. It is not easy, it is better to use the cupping method. The friction of the skin is relatively small, or taking Chinese medicine or diet conditioning internally, it can help clear the heat and heat.

How to choose scraping tools? Smooth ceramic material priority

As for the scraping material, Zheng Yizhe reminds that coins are okay. Do not use iron spoons. Instead, you should choose ceramic materials, or the horn and plastic materials sold in the market. The most important thing is to determine the smooth edges and lubricate it The good push is lubricated, and it will not hurt the skin when it is scraped. It should be noted that do not use rice wine as a medium. Although it has the effect of strengthening qi and promoting blood circulation, it may cause skin damage because of insufficient lubrication.

【Healthy Little Dingxun】:

Moderate scraping has the effect of simple health care, but Chinese medicine practitioners remind people that people who are not good in skin conditions, or old people with thin and fragile skin, or patients with coagulation function, and patients with major diseases are not recommended. Once Excessive scraping will cause obvious micro -blood vessel rupture and damage to the epidermis. In severe cases, it will even infected local infections.

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