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Rejuvenation of the baby’s constipation troubles

The first trick: a small number of meals

The baby’s stomach capacity is very small. Eating rough, large or excessive foods can easily block the stomach and cause constipation. Therefore, the baby should take a small amount of meals for meals. You can prepare a small bowl for him. The amount of each meal is about one -third or one -quarter of each. Excessive and endless feelings are conducive to eating in moderation.

The second trick: ingenuity fiber

Vegetables and fruits are rich in cellulose, and cellulose can stimulate bowel movements and promote stool.

In addition to vegetables and fruits, fungus, mushrooms, oatmeal, seaweed, kelp, dried fruits, etc., are also rich in cellulose and minerals, which can be used for babies.

The 3rd trick: Tang Tang Shui Shui Dian Intestine

Now I introduce a few recipes: mung bean and barley soup: mung beans and barley are rich in fiber, which can not only improve the symptoms of constipation, but also have the effect of clearing heat and annealing. Jujube soup: red dates have the effect of replenishing qi. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that red dates also have the effect of removing evil spirits. Therefore, when the baby is constipated, the mother may wish to try to boil the baby with red dates to drink.

Fourth Term: Appropriate exercise

Properly strengthening the activity of the abdominal muscles can help improve the symptoms of constipation. For example, simple squats, bending or turning the waist back and back, can reverse the waist muscles accelerating intestinal motility. Let the baby climb, and it is also a good activity of the intestine. These activities are simple and easy to master, so that the baby can do more.

Fifth trick: parent -child massage

Before going to bed to do a massage, you can also promote bowel movements. The specific method is: let the baby lie on the bed, the mother massage the baby’s abdomen with her right palm root, according to the direction of the right upper abdomen, the right lower abdomen, the left upper abdomen, the left and lower abdomen, Push on the side. But pay attention not to be too heavy. It lasts 10 minutes each time and can be done 2-3 times a day.

Strip 6: Press acupuncture points

You can also try to press the acupuncture point below. Generally, you can lightly press several times after a meal, which will also be helpful to promote intestinal peristalsis. Zusanli points: Let the baby sit well, and the position of 3 inches (about three -four horizontal fingers) under the depression below his knee is the Zusanli acupoint, pressing the acupuncture point for 1-2 minutes in a row. Point acupoint: located 3 inches on the back of the back of the wrist, between the ruler and radial bones, and press the acupuncture point for 1-2 minutes in a row.

Seventh trick: good bowel habits

The muscles of the babies of the 3-7 -year -old baby are developing, and the reflection function of the bowel movement is not mature. I do n’t know if there is a intention to go to the bathroom. Essence You can choose one hour after breakfast. As a fixed bowel movement time as a baby, let your baby sit on your own toilet for 10 minutes. If there is no intention, let him get up, so that the baby will gradually develop a regular toilet habit Essence Drink a cup of fruit juice or warm honey water for the baby in front of the toilet, which will also help the smooth bowel movement.

Strip 8: Pay attention to oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is a problem that many parents are easy to ignore, but this is one of the reasons for the baby’s constipation. If the teeth are not good, the baby will become picky and loss of appetite, which will also affect his ability to defecate. Therefore, in addition to educating babies to pay attention to brushing their teeth in the morning and evening and after meals, they should also take him to a dentist clinic for examination.

Special reminder: If your baby often constipates, or abdominal pain, vomiting, poor mental, and reduced urine output, it is likely that the baby has other diseases, and he must take him for medical treatment as soon as possible.

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