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Reline eczema is not equal to infant eczema treatment

When changing diapers for the baby, Ms. Chen found a small red dot on her baby’s ass, thinking that the baby had infant eczema, and the doctor told her that it was actually diaper eczema.

Experts point out that diaper eczema is an inflammation of the buttocks caused by the baby’s skin delicately and being stimulated by wet diapers for a long time. The ammonia substances caused by the decomposition of bacteria in the urine or feces stimulate the skin. The main manifestation is that the part of the children’s contact with diaper is like the hips, and the skin redness reaction occurs. First, the little red dot, and then gradually become a chip -like erythema. Clinically, it is called pimple -like skin damage. In severe cases, ulceration and erosion will occur.

Treatment of pediatric diaper eczema is also different from eczema. The key to the treatment of diaper eczema is to keep the baby’s hips clean and dry, so as to replace diaper in time. At the same time, when parents choose diapers for their babies, try to avoid using thick or plastic cloth to directly wrap the children’s hips. It is best to choose disposable diapers with soft texture, better water absorption, and good quality. And diaper should not be too tight; wash your butt with warm water and dry it with warm water after each urination. If the rash is not ulcerated, under the guidance of the doctor, you can apply tannic acid ointment, hip cream or some oily substances to the affected area.

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