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Remember these three symptoms and help you find the foot of diabetic early

do you know? About 425 million people in the world suffered from diabetes in 2017, and the countries with the largest number of diabetic patients 20 = 79 years old were China, India, and the United States. About 114.4 billion patients with diabetes were Chinese diabetes.

Because no country can have a 100%confirmation rate of diabetes, as many as 212.4 billion people around the world do not know that they suffer from diabetes. The country with the largest number of patients with diabetes is also the country with the largest number of diabetes. China is listed here.

In fact, diabetes itself is not terrible, but long -term blood glucose levels are not well controlled, which can lead to complications of diabetes, such as diabetic foot, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, etc. Diabetes is one of the most serious complications of diabetes. Do not treat it in time or even cause patients to cancel the affected area.

Today we will talk about the symptoms of diabetic feet. I hope to help diabetic patients find diabetes foot early and treat the prognosis as soon as possible.

Foot pain is weakened and disappeared

Some patients with diabetic feet will feel that their foot perception is slowly weakening. Even if the skin of the foot is stimulated or hurt, it can’t feel it. The perception of pain and temperature is gradually declining.

Once diabetic patients have disappeared in their foot pain, they are easily ignored after the foot injury, which can lead to severe infection, inadequate treatment, and may even lead to amputation.

Foot pain infection and necrosis

When diabetic patients have been in a high blood sugar state for a long time, a large area of ​​infection occurs at this foot, which can easily cause severe complications. Patients may also have a strong pain in the foot, and the pain at night is particularly obvious.

When the disease is the most serious, the entire foot of the patient may even cause arteriosclerosis, which will cause limb ischemia and cause large -scale infection.

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Toe ulceration

Poor diabetic blood glucose control, typical complications are toe ulcers. Patients with toe ulcers are mostly caused by ischemia at the toe. Once diabetic patients are ulcerated, they must attract enough attention.

If diabetic patients find the above symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment early to determine whether it is diabetic foot and further treatment early.

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