Reminder: 3 attention to Chinese medicine slimming

Having a graceful figure is the pursuit of a woman’s life, and the fastest way to lose weight is liposuction, eating weight loss pills or drinking weight loss tea. However, the “seven -point danger of surgery and three poisonous medicines”. At the moment of pursuing health, Chinese medicine has become a relatively “peaceful” new trick. The main methods of weight loss in traditional Chinese medicine include acupuncture, massage, acupoints, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine experts remind people not to blindly lose weight in traditional Chinese medicine, and should be determined according to personal constitution.

In Chinese medicine weight loss, acupuncture and acupoint weight loss mainly stimulate acupuncture points through acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine meridians massage, acupoints and other methods to promote blood circulation to achieve the effect of weight loss. However, experts remind that although there are few side effects of Chinese medicine weight loss, they must not hurt their body according to their physical fitness.

Drinking weight loss tea for a long time is easier to stubbornly constipation

Many people believe that weight loss drugs can quickly remove “toxins” in the body, which is convenient and fast. Therefore, many people simply turn diet pills and drink weight loss tea into “routine business”, regular quantitative, comparable to “three meals”.

“It is three poisonous medicines”, “Once the weight loss drug is discontinued, the weight is easy to rebound, and the side effects are obvious, which can induce gastrointestinal disorders, anemia, and renal damage. In addition, it is easier to take diarrhea weight loss potions for a long time constipate.”

Chinese medicine weight loss is focusing on “internal adjustment”

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that general obesity certificate belongs to spleen deficiency and dampness resistance. Using traditional Chinese medicine for adjustment can achieve spleen and qi, phlegm and dehumidification.” Luo Haiqing introduced that acupuncture is more commonly used in Chinese medicine to regulate obesity. The mechanism is mainly to adjust the human body’s metabolic function. And endocrine function.

Some people will have such experience for weight loss: some people see quickly, and some people will be slow. However, it should be noted that weight loss is not weight loss, but fat reduction, and the same is true of Chinese medicine weight loss. “The more weighing the standard, the more fat content, the more obvious the effect of weight loss.”

Chinese medicine weight loss side depends on physical fitness

Traditional Chinese medicine experts point out that the method of slimming in traditional Chinese medicine should conduct a reasonable and effective syndrome differentiation acupoint according to individual differences, different symptoms and obesity mechanisms, and effectively stimulate human acupoints through acupuncture or buried lines to clear the meridians and regulate the internal organs qi and blood. , Adjust the balance of yin and yang to achieve the role of regulating endocrine function and accelerating metabolism, and eventually break down excess fat to achieve the effect of weight loss.

(Editor in charge: Yan Yufang)

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