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Reminder: 6 changes in the body, liver cirrhosis may have been quietly up, don’t ignore it easily

When it comes to fatty liver, what is the first thing to get into the mind: drink or obese?

Can you think of a 11 -year -old child suffering from severe liver cirrhosis?

Xiao Liang, who was only 11 years old, was strong and healthy since he was a child. He could eat three bowls of rice in a meal. Her rampant dishes such as braised pork at home were always eaten by him. Not much care. However, during the school physical examination of the school 1 year ago, the doctor found that the small -billet aminase was too high. The B -ultrasound found that the child’s liver is up to 148 mm, which is a typical moderate fatty liver.

After this incident, Xiao Liang was actively treated. After a year, the review was a lot, but the weight increased significantly. The obesity visible to the naked eye made the doctor vigilant. After arranging liver puncture , Also accompanied by severe liver cirrhosis of S3-4.

However, this is not an example. Xiaofeng has a body weight of more than 250 pounds at the age of 12. Due to the picky eaters, in addition to the fishy fruits and fruits in the usual diet, it is rarely exercised. In addition, the entrance examination is close, which makes Xiaofeng mother very worried, afraid of delaying the exam. So he took Xiaofeng to the physical examination.

I do n’t know if I do n’t check it. After a check, the doctor of the children’s hospital arranged for various examinations and found that Xiaofeng had severe fatty liver, and due to severe liver function, he was directly admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Eleventh and two -year -old pattern is the age of running deliberately. Why do children suffer from liver disease?

1. Why do you suffer from fatty liver at a young age?

Tian Mingda, a pediatrician of Shougang Hospital of Peking University, introduced that fatty liver disease rate among obese children in the world is as high as 23-27%, and there is a significant increase in raising. Domestic data also shows that 10%of the children’s groups have obesity problems, and they continue to rise at a rate of 8%. This shows that children’s threats to fatty liver are increasing, and the situation is not optimistic.

Tian Mingda said: Obesity is the main “culprit” that leads to an increased rate of alcoholic fatty liver disease in children in children. Diseases such as lesions and obstructive sleep apnea are closely related.

And when it comes to obesity, one of the main risk factors is diet. Many parents think that the “good habits” may be the source of the child’s entanglement.

Habit 1: Do not limit the child’s diet

Many people think that children are in a critical period of long body, and they have a strong amount of energy every day, so they are not afraid of eating more. They can eat more and eat more. In fact, this is a wrong cognition. The more children eat, the parents are happy, but the child is limited, and the nutrition that can digest and use is limited. If excessive replenishment, excess nutritional accumulation will be converted into fat, causing obesity.

Habit 2: Love to give children fried foods

Children prefer fried, drinks and other foods with strong and unique foods, but these foods are usually highly irritating, high in oil content, and high calories. It is the most likely to cause obesity. Eating too much fried food not only causes obesity, but also the entry of a large amount of fat can also cause endocrine disorders, and the oxidation of oxidation of edible oil is a risk factor for precocious puberty.

Habit 3: Love to “make up for your body”

Some people think that children need to replenish more body and nutrition. They are not enough to eat, and they have to eat additional supplements. Bird’s nest, American ginseng, protein powder, colostrum of cattle, etc. One disease.

Excessive replenishment can lead to obesity, and some supplements contain hormones may also lead to premature sexual sex. Even if some children who do not really need to condition the body should be scientifically supplemented under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Children are not good. Obesity is often “fatty liver and then fat waist”, and the liver is harmful to the child’s health as soon as it occurs. There is also precocious puberty caused by excessive obesity, which will promote the development of second sexual characteristics of children, affect the growth of children’s height, and easily cause dual blows in physiological and psychological aspects.

Second, 6 changes in the body, liver cirrhosis has been quietly upper body

Although the liver is hidden deep in the human body, once liver cirrhosis occurs, some signals will also be issued to send an alert to the brain. Pay attention to 6 changes.

Obvious abdominal distension: Liver cirrhosis can sometimes lead to high pressure on the door, forming ascites and causing abdominal distension. It may also cause bowel congestion. The digestion and absorption function deteriorate. Food cannot be digested and will accumulate in the gastrointestinal bloating.

Decreased appetite: Liver cirrhosis leads to damage to liver merit and unable to secrete sufficient digestive juice, leading to insufficient food digestion and absorption, which causes loss of appetite.

Physical fatigue: Insufficient liver function of patients with cirrhosis will affect nutrition absorption, and may also affect other organs and tissues, which will cause weakness.

Nausea and vomiting: After the esophagus mucosa of liver cirrhosis is damaged, it is prone to nausea and vomiting when it is stimulated, and the risk of digestive diseases has also increased.

Spider mole and liver palms: Hepatitis can cause endocrine disorders, and abnormal increases of estrogen can stimulate capillaries, which will cause liver palms or spider moles.

Hepathered pain: Hemorrhea occurs after the liver tissue is congested, which can cause pulling the outer envelope film, which causes pain.

Third, suffer from liver cirrhosis and drag, be careful to become cancer

The symptoms caused by cirrhosis do not seem very serious, but once it is dragged to the later stage, it may become the “forward” of cancer, so it must be treated in time.

Dr. Jin Yisheng, the Institute of Liver Diseases of Sichuan West China, said: The development of liver cancer will go through a process “fatty liver -fatty hepatitis -cirrhosis -liver cancer”. And liver cirrhosis is a critical part. If the treatment is in time, there is still hope to reverse this process. Unfortunately, many patients do not pay enough attention to it, and they seeks the liver and conservative medication to relieve symptoms. 4. How to prevent liver cirrhosis? Keep in mind 3 o’clock

The occurrence of liver cirrhosis is the accumulation of long -term lesions. If you can achieve defense measures, you can still reduce risks to the greatest extent and protect your liver healthy. Three things must be done well.

First of all, early treatment of diseases, prevent liver hardening from preventing liver disease, and any discomfort in the liver should be vigilant, actively treat and alleviate liver disease.

Secondly, rational exercise, whether children, adults, have a lot of benefits brought by moderate exercise, can help the human body digest more fat, and reduce the risk of obesity.

Finally, the diet should be healthy to prevent liver cirrhosis and diet. It is best to achieve three “less oil, less salt, less fat”, and the light diet is the best.

It is recommended that children before and adolescent children use “traffic light diet”. The secret is to ensure that green foods such as vegetables and fruits and fresh shrimp and fish, limited intake of rice noodle steamed buns and animal internal organs, strictly managed high sugar, high fats and fats and fats and fats and fats. High salt and other foods.

Unknown diet is harmful to health, and the harm caused by excessive obesity to children cannot be ignored. I hope that everyone can clearly plan the importance of diet, prevent obesity and liver disease, and protect the health of themselves and their families.

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