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Reminder again: There are 3 golden periods of health in the day, I really hope you don’t waste it in vain

“Don’t spit in the morning, don’t leak fine water at noon, and don’t sweat in the evening”



This is a folk saying. Are these experiences that have been circulated from generation to generation? Is there any scientific reason to put it now? Xiao Ai will talk to you today.

Reminder again: There are 3 golden periods of health in the day, I really hope you don't waste it in vain

1. Do not spit in the morning, pay attention to the wet pillow after getting up

Vocal water is also known as saliva, which is secreted by the three pairs of large saliva glands (parotid glands, lower tongue glands, mandibular glands) and countless small salivary glands in the mouth. Medically, drool is also called drooling, which means that saliva overflows unconsciously from the mouth. Under normal circumstances, people will not drool after falling asleep, but some people in life find that they drool when they wake up when they wake up. The physiological factors such as degeneration of the physiological function of the elderly and excessive brain before bedtime. But if you wake up in the morning to find drooling, you must pay attention, it may also be caused by the disease:

1. Cerebral thrombosis precursor

Elderly people with diseases such as diabetes and hypertension have greater stroke risk factors. If such people often drool in unilateral drool, it may be a precursor to cerebral thrombosis or cerebral hemorrhage. If you are also accompanied by symptoms such as headache, dizziness, poor limbs, unclear words, and crooked mouth, you should be more vigilant and go to the hospital for examination in time.

2. Parkinson

The elderly who suffer from Parkinson’s disease will also have a drooling symptoms, which may be manifested as a “mask face” characterized by dullness.

3. Oral disease

For example, stomatitis, pharyngitis, salivary glanditis, and gingivitis may cause drooling; people with deformity, especially those with convex surface tooth deformities are also prone to drooling; teeth are loose or wearing dentures that are not adapted to the elderly People may also have the trouble of drooling.

Reminder again: There are 3 golden periods of health in the day, I really hope you don't waste it in vain

Second, no water is not flowing water, and the same room needs to be restrained after lunch

Do not rush to the same room after lunch, otherwise it will easily affect your health. Because the gastrointestinal activity increases after a full meal, the body will transport more blood to the stomach through the regulation mechanism to help digestion. At this time, the blood obtained by the genital organ will decrease. If the reproductive organs and gastrointestinal competition will occur at this time, the stomach may affect the entire digestive system function due to insufficient blood supply. In the long run, it may cause symptoms of discomfort such as bloating and stomach pain.

In addition to the same room after meals, these times also need to avoid the same room:

1. When suffering from reproductive infection diseases

If the men and women are suffering from reproductive infection diseases, to avoid the same room, it is best to check and treat in time to avoid repeated attacks caused by cross -infections. It is best to be checked and treated.

2. Women’s menstrual period

The private parts of the menstrual women are an alkaline environment and become a breeding base for bacteria. In addition, the uterus has wounds, the endometrium falls off, and the uterine mouth is slightly opened. At this time Especially women with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease may cause acute attacks in the same room during menstruation. In addition, the same room during menstruation will also increase the congestion of the uterus, leading to symptoms such as extension of menstruation, increased blood volume, and aggravating menstrual discomfort.

3. After drunk

After drunk, the same room can easily lead to premature ejaculation, and it is also easy to cause the woman to be disgusted, affect the quality of the life of the husband and wife, and is not conducive to the harmony of sexual life.

Reminder again: There are 3 golden periods of health in the day, I really hope you don't waste it in vain

Third, do not sweat at night, night night sweats may be a disease signal

Night night sweats are still more common in life. Studies have shown that about 10%to 40%of adults have experienced night sweats each year. If the room is too hot, emotional fluctuations, excessive exercise, etc., night sweats are prone to night sweats. However, in addition to physiological reasons, we also need to be alert to night night sweats caused by some diseases:

1. Menopausal syndrome

In the early stage of menopause, symptoms such as fever, night sweats, menstrual disorders, dizziness, emotional fluctuations, palpitations, and other symptoms may occur, and urogenital tract symptoms may occur, such as repeated urethral infections, private infections.

2. hyperthyroidism

Duo Khan and fear of heat are typical symptoms of hyperthyroidism, and some patients have a lot of sweat during the day. In addition, patients with hyperthyroidism will also have common symptoms such as irritability and insomnia, emotional excitement, weight loss, hypertrophic appetite, diarrhea, or increased stool.

3. lymphoma

Some tumors can also cause night sweats. For example, the most common is lymphoma, and lymphoma can be divided into Hodgkin lymphoma and non -Hodgkin lymphoma. Among them, the typical systemic symptoms of Hodgkin lymphoma are night sweats, low fever, Lamry and itching.

Reminder again: There are 3 golden periods of health in the day, I really hope you don't waste it in vain

Fourth, in the day, you may wish to grasp the three golden golden time

1. Get up in the morning to drink a glass of water

It is recommended to drink warm water after getting up in the morning, because the blood in the morning is relatively sticky. After getting up, drink a cup of warm white boiling water, which helps to dilute the thick blood, and the water can quickly flow through the gastrointestinal tract to activate gastrointestinal tract cells. Cleaning the digestive tract, supplementing the moisture of the body’s loss, etc., so that the body wakes up well.

2. Sleep at 1 noon

Non -nap is a way to rest in response to the biological rhythm. During the process of nap, the role of the human body and sympathetic nerves is opposite. It can slow down the metabolism speed of the body, reduce pulse deceleration, body temperature decrease, arterial pressure, and arterial pressure and Decreased heart consumption has a good effect on controlling blood pressure, and can also reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction. In addition, sleeping can also increase the blood flow of the gastrointestinal and intestines, increase the secretion of gastrointestinal solution, and thereby promoting the digestive function. However, the nap should not be too long, and do not exceed 30 minutes. 3. Eat dinner 4 hours before going to bed

Generally speaking, the best time to eat dinner is 4 hours before bedtime. For example, sleep at ten in the evening, and dinner time is best arranged at 6 pm. Because after 4 hours, the dinner for eating has basically been digested and absorbed, otherwise sleeping with food without digestion can easily increase the burden on the stomach and affect sleep quality. In addition, pay attention not to drink too much soup or drink after dinner to avoid affecting digestion.

In short, whether it is drooling in the morning or sleeping night sweats, in addition to physiological factors, the disease needs to be considered. If you want health care, you may wish to grasp the three health gold time, or it can achieve more effort.

Reminder again: There are 3 golden periods of health in the day, I really hope you don't waste it in vain

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