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Reminder: Diabetes, 5 kinds of foods are “sugar king”, sugar friends must hold their mouths if they love to eat

“Doctor, you can help me see, my blood sugar is soaring, so what to do.” Aunt Wang walked into the clinic in a hurry and was very worried about her blood sugar.

It turned out that Mrs. Wang had suffered from diabetes for many years, but her blood sugar was not controlled. At first, she was only oral treatment of drugs, but the effect was not satisfactory. Later, insulin was used for treatment.

Since using insulin, she feels “the world is peaceful”, and she no longer needs to control my diet, so she has a good diet and is relatively relaxed.

Unexpectedly, it is useless to use insulin now, and the blood sugar is still raised so much, so I have to come to the hospital again.

The doctor asked her if she had strictly controlled her diet. She answered some, and the wife on the side couldn’t help but intervene and say, “She usually likes fruits, especially watermelon.”

Aunt Wang said excitedly: “Fruits are not sweet, eat fruit to supplement nutrition and healthy, what happened to I eat some fruits?”

The doctor told Aunt Wang that there were some foods to pay attention to dharma, otherwise it would be useless to pay attention to insulin.


First, can I still eat fruit with diabetes?

Many diabetic patients usually dare not eat a little fruit. In fact, diabetic patients are not unable to eat fruit. Some fruits with low sugar content can be eaten appropriately.

For example, the sugar content of bananas is only 20%. The sugar content of lemon, dragon fruit, grapefruit and other fruits is also relatively low, and patients with diabetes can also be eaten appropriately.

In addition, the sugar contained in fruits is mainly fructose, glucose, and sucrose. Among them, fructose does not require insulin to participate in metabolism. Therefore, if the blood glucose of diabetic patients is well controlled, some fruits can be taken appropriately.

But pay attention to avoid too high fruits, such as watermelon. Jiang Yan, deputy chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology of Zhejiang Hospital, explained that the sugar lift index of watermelon is high. If too much intake, the blood sugar will increase significantly in a short time, and even diabetic ketone acid poisoning may even occur.

Second, these 5 kinds of food are “sugar king”, sugar friends must hold their mouths if they love to eat

For patients with diabetes, there are indeed many places to pay attention to in diet, especially the “sugar king” food with high sugar lift indexes should pay attention to holding the mouth.

Coffee: Coffee is high in calories, and it will also excite the sympathetic nerves, promote the secretion of sugar -raising hormones, and speed up blood sugar, so diabetic patients should drink less.

Taro: Starch is the main component of taro, so taro should not be regarded as vegetables, but should be regarded as a staple food. After the taro is cooked, the sugar and calories will increase, making the blood sugar easily increase. Therefore, when eating taro, the amount of other staple foods must be reduced. In order to ensure stability of blood sugar, every 100 grams of taro should be reduced by 25 grams of staple food.

Tudou: Potatoes contain higher carbohydrates, which are equivalent to a staple food. After cooking the potatoes, mix it into mud to eat, and the sugar that releases to the blood will be higher, because potatoes contain a large amount of starch particles. After heating and grinding, the food area is increased, and it is more likely to be digested and absorbed by the human body. Starch will be Convert to sugar and speed up the speed of sugar to release to the blood.

Lotus root: Seven -hole ravioli has less water and high starch content. Every 100 grams of lotus root contains 16.4 grams of carbohydrates and 70 kcal energy. It is best to eat a lot of diabetic patients.

Porridge: Compared with rice, the soft and rotten porridge sugar lift index is higher, and it is easier to raise blood sugar after meals. The higher the index. For a longer time, some starch in rice will be decomposed into a short -chain carbohydrate, which is more likely to be digested and absorbed by the human body, and can directly increase the concentration of blood sugar.

Third, the sugar lift index of white rice is higher than Cola? Can’t sugar friends eat?

There are many remarks that the sugar lift index of white rice is higher than that of cola. The sugar lift index of white rice is 83, and the sugar lift index of cola is 65, so diabetic patients cannot eat white rice.

Is white rice so terrible?

actually not. Diabetes is an endocrine metabolic disease. The onset factors are complicated. There are two main factors: genetic and external environment. High -sugar -raising food is far more than white rice. Raise.

It is unscientific to refuse to eat rice because of the high sugar lift index of white rice. Diabetic disease factors also include living habits, nutritional imbalances, lack of exercise, etc. It is difficult to eat diabetes by eating white rice.

Therefore, patients with diabetes can eat white rice appropriately. Pay attention to the amount of staple food and thickness.

4. How to effectively control diabetes? 4 points experience sharing with you

Professor Yang Wenying is a well -known endocrine expert in my country. He has also been the chairman of the Diabetes Branch of the Chinese Medical Association. She is also a diabetic patient.

But in more than 20 years with diabetes, she still maintains a good physical condition. Regarding controlling diabetes, she has the following 4 experiences:

1. Have a good mentality

Many patients with diabetes are prone to adverse emotions such as anxiety and depression, and even shake their confidence because of the delay of the disease, and cannot insist on medication and diet management. Professor Yang Wenying has always maintained a good attitude after diabetes and insisted on medication and diet management.

2. Appropriate exercise

In order to maintain a normal weight, Yang Wenying only needs to take a walk as soon as he has idleness, because obesity will aggravate insulin resistance and increase the risk of diabetes. Therefore, Yang Wenying emphasizes that the prevention and control of diabetes must develop the habit of exercise. 3. Pay attention to prevent control complication

Many patients with diabetes die due to complications of diabetes, such as peripheral neuropathy and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Professor Yang Wenying clearly knew the terrible of complications, so he attached great importance to the detection and prevention and control of complications. He usually insisted on taking medicine and regular diet, and he also regularly examined and discovered and interfered with the body’s micro disease.

4. Scientific medication

From the time of diagnosis of diabetes, Professor Yang Wenying began to take medicine, and took medicine as part of life, and almost never had medicine. Whether it is single medicine treatment, combined medication, or injecting insulin, she persists well. It is precisely because of Professor Yang Wenying’s adherence to the regular medication that her glycated hemoglobin has been less than 7%. Although she has suffered from diabetes for more than ten years, her energy and physical strength are particularly good.

For good health, patients with diabetes should pay more attention. For those foods that raise sugar fast, try to eat less or not to eat as much as possible. If you want to control blood sugar, you need to start from various aspects, including adherence to medication, exercise, regular living habits, regular medical examinations, etc.

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