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Reproductive plastic surgery to relieve psychological stress

Never regard reproductive organs as small things that are accustomed to. According to reports: In the outpatient clinic, they often encounter such a phenomenon. Some of the younger patients’ reproductive organs are malformed. Not only do they not matter, they do not care much about their parents. He reminded patients to pay great attention.

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Experts say that the foreskin is too long, the sponge bodies, and cryptopathy, etc., should always pay attention to their changes. The foreskin is too long, and the foreskin mouth is narrow, etc., which will cause foreskin dirt and urine to stay in the foreskin cavity, induce foreskinitis, produce purulent secretions and epidermis. In severe cases, it can cause foreskin ulcers or stones, causing urethral external stenosis , Acute urinary retention. Severe foreskin stenosis will restrain the development of male reproductive organs and affect fertility. The recurrent seizures of foreskinitis can also make patients emotional and nervous.

Experts remind that middle -aged patients are susceptible to male reproductive organs, easily develop into hidden fibrous sponge inflammatory plaques, losing normal flexibility, and bending male reproductive organs. It is easy to cause pain and bending deformation, affecting normal husband and wife life, and even ED. When male reproductive organs bend and deform for more than one year or plaques calcification, they should surgery as early as possible.

Urelatia cracks are common urethral and external reproductive organs. Severe chromosomal examinations and adrenal examinations need to be performed. The urethra is reconstructed through surgery to obtain a complete external genital organ.

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Congenital testicular lack of testicles, testicular loss, testicular twisting, prostate tumor, testicular atrophy, urethral disease, etc., will cause corresponding symptoms, seriously affect the patient’s psychology, and should be treated in a timely manner.

Experts point out that the use of modern surgical methods such as Korean reproductive plastic surgery can not only significantly increase the cure rate for the treatment of male reproductive organs, but also greatly reduce the physiological and psychological trauma of patients, and help them find their confidence.

(Intern editor: Li He)

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