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Reveal the nine major concerns of Huaxin women’s heart

1. What if they know each other?

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Psychological activity: I haven’t seen their respective friends, maybe they will know through some form, such as watching the ball, business partners.

2. One of them likes me, but I don’t seem to like him the most?

Psychological activity: Although I don’t like him the most, I don’t want to lose his love for me. Just maintain the status quo.

3. Did he settle in my house?

Psychological activity: In case another person comes to my house, it will be exposed.

4. Should I blame myself? Am I a bad woman?

Psychological activity: But the people who are hearty are more than one. I associate with a few people at the same time because I want to find the most suitable person.

5. Why do I think of another person when I date him?

Psychological activity: He teased me very happy, but he would buy me gifts for another. His eyes look much better than him, but the other voice is much better than this one.

6. Did my text message delete clean?

Psychological activity: SMS is the most dangerous area. Do not send a message to two people at the same time, do not confuse, and the mobile phone must not be checked by someone.

7. What if his friend meets me with another man?

Psychological activity: I must post on the Internet and say that shopping with my cousin is very happy today.

8. Have I told him this story?

Psychological activity: It seems to be talking to him, and it seems to be with another person.

9. Can I go to my favorite bar?

Psychological activity: Alas, go to my favorite cafes or bars to date, it will definitely be seen by different people. You can only find other hidden dating sites nearby. I don’t want them to meet embarrassed.

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