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Rhinovirus can cause asthma, and scientists have found the culprit

Vienna Medical University has developed a new method that can be used to identify nasal strains that cause asthma, that is, cold virus. They developed a chip to accurately find nasal virus strains that cause asthma. This will pave the way for the development of vaccines against these dangerous viruses.

Some nasal viruses may cause more than 80%of asthma. Viral asthma is particularly dangerous to children, because children are more likely to suffer from allergies and lung disease. At the same time, these cold viruses are also fatal to patients with chronic lung disease.

The rhinoplasty chip developed by Vienna Medical University covers all the main viruses. It can find the virus that causes asthma through simple blood testing, and this study has found the culprit that caused children to suffer from asthma through blood testing.

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The development of this chip mainly depends on the previous work of Professor Rudolf Valenta at the Center of Pathology, Infectious and Immunology of Vienna Medical University. These studies have found that the cold virus protein VP1n end peptide is a biomarker for all rhinoplasty.

“At least we know which rhinovirus causes asthma.” Said Karazyna Niespodziana, the leader of the research. Virus that accurately identifying asthma is the basis for developing vaccines in the future. The detected nasal virus strains will become the main target of a cold vaccine that is currently developing. “Our work will focus on a vaccine that can fight all these viruses that cause asthma.” Niespodziana said.

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